testicle problems?

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WebMD explains diseases and conditions of the testicles, including testicular cancer. - read more

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Testicular disorders. ... Problems with the testes can lead to serious ... occurs when the testicle receives a direct blow or is squeezed against the hard bones of ... - read more

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Genital Problems in Men (American Academy of Family Physicians) Testicle Pain ... Retractile Testicle (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research) ... read more
Removing the one testicle should not lead to problems with having sex or children. The remaining testicle will continue making sperm and the male hormone testosterone. ... read more
Learn about pain in the testicles (testicular pain) symptoms and causes including testicular cancer, testicle pain, trauma, torsion, epididymitis, and hypogonadism. ... read more
The testicle or testis is the male gonad in animals. Like the ovaries to which they are homologous, the testicles (testes) are components of both the reproductive ... ... read more
Testicle problems . Pain in your balls is no laughing matter, nor is the discovery of a mysterious lump. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a ... ... read more
Non-cancerous testicle problems FAQs. Epididymitis, Hydrocele, Torsion and Varicocele are not a folk group, they're the more common non-cancerous testicle problems. ... read more
Swellings, lumps and enlarged testicle(s) It is important that all lumps within your scrotum, on or alongside your testicle are examined by a doctor. ... read more
Here we describe the symptoms of testicular cancer and some other problems that could cause symptoms ... Sperm cells form inside the testicle and are then stored ... ... read more
Testicle pain: Symptom — Overview covers definition, possible causes of this symptom. ... read more
Many different types of testicle problems are linked to pain and swelling in the testicles. ... WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. ... read more
Something men should know about but don’t want to think about is common testicular problems. When common testicular problems go untreated, it can lead to a variety ... ... read more
Testes problems Important parts of the male reproductive system, the testes (testicles) are oval shaped glands responsible for producing sperm and most of the male ... ... read more
When a testicle doesn't make ... with a condition known as undescended testicles ... detect any lumps or bumps that might be early signs of medical problems. ... ... read more
Have testicle problems? Read more on the different conditions, their symptoms, and treatment options of the testicle here at Advanced Urology Institute. ... read more
Sudden, severe testicle pain can be a sign of testicular torsion — a twisted testicle that can quickly lose its blood supply. This condition requires immediate ... ... read more
If no injury has occurred, testicle pain is often due to an underlying condition, such as an STI or testicular torsion. Learn how to treat this pain. ... read more
Testicles are two egg-shaped organs that are inside the scrotum, behind the penis. Their main function is to create male hormones and sperm. Since testicle ... read more
Problems that affect the testicles include: Injury, swelling and infection; torsion; ... Gently roll one testicle then the other between your thumbs and fingers. ... read more
Testicular problems in boys need specialist assessment. The conditions vary from cysts and infection to rarer causes such as patent processus vaginalis (PPV) ... read more
Jun 18, 2007 · I've finally decided to take some steps into researching some problems that i've been having, and i'm looking for any advice anyone can give me about ... read more
Now it’s quite normal that one testicle is larger or hangs down slightly lower than the other and you’re probably used to them looking and feeling slightly ... ... read more
301 Moved Permanently. CloudFront ... read more
The other testicle will be attached in the same way to prevent future problems. Why the Procedure is Performed. ... read more
Kidney stones symptoms Testicular tumor symptoms Trauma and injury symptoms Testicle rupture ... Skin Problems; Sleep; ... Testicular Pain (Pain in the Testicles) ... read more
Cancer of the Testicle Testicular cancer is a cancer ... The eMedicineHealth doctors ask about Testicular Pain: Testicular Pain - Effective Treatment. ... read more
Dear Alice, I was just wondering if having only one testicle would affect my sex life and my ability to have any kids? — Nineteen Year Old Male ... read more
I think I have suffered from torsion several years ago, and since then my testicle has become detached from the muscle that rises and lowers it, and subsequently it ... ... read more
The rationale for treatment of the undescended testicle is the prevention of potential sequelae. The most common problems associated with undescended testicles are ... ... read more