stool looks like dirt?

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After dinner i rarely go passing stool. The stool looks normal, ... Stool looks like mucus; Stools that look like dirt; Explore HealthcareMagic. Ask a Doctor Online; - read more

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Crohn\'s Disease Forum ... I have Crohn's and sometimes i have stools that look like dirt ... but my stool isn't black like coffee grinds. Stool looks like sand or gravel - Crohn's Disease... Black specks all throughout stool, what is... - read more

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Nov 27, 2007 · My 2 yr. old son has had diarrhea on and off the last couple of days, and it looks alot like either dirt or coffee grounds, very gritty looking. ... read more
Bowel movement looks like dirt. Premium Questions . ... The stool is soft and looks like... What is the cure for inflammation in bowels? ... read more
Coffee Ground Looking Stool. by ... has been having some abdominal pain and this evening he asked me to look at his stool which looked very much like coffee grounds ... ... read more
Coffee ground-like poop. ... looks grainy, like dirt or chunky sand, ... ask the doc if you can do a stool test just to rule the upper gastro bleeding out. ... read more
Jul 10, 2008 · It truly looks like some fine dirt on the bottom of the bowl. The other stools that have a normal shape seem "hairy". ⌂Home ... Is this unhealthy stool? ... read more
Mar 02, 2015 · The symptoms of diarrhea are: Increased frequency of bowel movements; Loose, watery stools; ... Dark-black, foul-smelling stool that looks like tar ... ... read more
Loose stool w/ gritty sandy grainy stuff? My son is 18 months old. Around Xmas, he started with these grainy stools that leave this sand like... ... read more
This sounds much like malabsorption. That is, much of the fat and/or protein you're taking in, isn't being utilized. Malabsorption is a major problem associated with ... ... read more
2 year olds poop feels like sand ... well my 3 year old daughter poops sandy poop n looks like dirt and its lose every diaper change we ... Loose stool w/ gritty ... ... read more
What Should My Dog’s Poop Look Like? by Kristina Lotz on June 26, ... she looks at the whole animal and her system, ... Rock hard stool can be from diet ... ... read more
Why does my dogs feces sometimes look like dirt - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist. Login |Contact Us. Dog. Get Your Dog Care Questions Answered by Experts. ... read more
Doctor insights on: Powder Like Stool Share ... Dr. Julie Abbott Dr. Abbott 2 doctors agreed: 1 1 What does it mean to have stool that looks like powder is very loose ... ... read more
gastro problem/paste/mud like stool. i have severe gastro problem, indigestion, gas, no feeling of hunger, always heaviness in abdomen, ... ... read more
See What Severe Psoriasis Looks Like; ... (tar) colored stools and diarrhea including ... The symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding include black or bloody stool or ... ... read more
Summary: Flea dirt is actually flea poop that is made up of dried blood. They look like tiny dots (usually black in color) and are a sure sign that fleas are on your ... ... read more
How About The Brown Poop That Looks Like Dirt. ... To begin, choose the stool below that looks most like your baby's. Clicking Greenish Brown Baby Poop. ... read more
The 411 on poop! What should it look like? How does it work? What color should it be? Why does it smell? Everything you need to know about your bowels! ... read more
This article is intended to help with stool detective work by parents and is only ... or liver infections like viral hepatitis (A, B ... Studying Stools Cleaners and ... ... read more
Find out what the change could be from Similac's Diaper Decoder. ... Looks like: Dirt, clay, or pebbles. ... Looks like: A hard stool streaked with blood or mucus. ... read more
Horrible acid-type rashes around the anus and poo that looks like he's been eating fistfulls of sand. I know this thread is old. But I read it and I just want to cry. ... read more
Leaky Gut Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms & Cures << < (21/22) > >> ... It literally looks like sand and is typically ... When we did a stool test on my son that's what his ... ... read more
May 02, 2011 · sandy stool. Started by caputsky , ... and many of them have looked like sand or grain when passed. ... Everyone always has undigested matter in their stool. ... read more
Stool color changes can be caused by diseases or conditions, pregnancy, medications, and diet. The color changes can vary from yellow, green, black, clay-colored ... ... read more
Ever wondered what your poop says about ... Thinking questran may help as like yellow watery stool ... I have type 5 I think and by that I mean it looks like ... ... read more
Feb 13, 2013 · There is a variety of normal stool colors, textures, and forms, but there are things that, if seen or experienced, warrant immediate medical attention. ... read more
Why do my bowel movements look like coffee ... Stool takes on "rock-like" formation when you do not have ... The reason it looks like coffee grounds is because it is ... ... read more
S Is for Super If your stool looks like an S, congrats! This is the ideal shape for a healthy bowel movement. It’s the shape of your rectum near your anus. ... read more
Dec 30, 2013 · If it looks like coffee grounds/loose dirt that usually signals ulcer activity/internal bleeding. You should see a doctor immediately. ... read more