spinocerebellar pathway perceptions conducted?

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The spinocerebellar tract is a set of axonal fibers originating in the spinal cord and terminating in the ipsilateral cerebellum. This tract conveys information to ... - read more

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a. Perceptions conducted - These conduct the sensations of pressure, crude touch, pain, and temperature. b. Brain reception region - This neuronal pathway terminates ... - read more

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The ascending sensory pathways are classified ... dorsal column–medial lemniscal (DCML) pathway, ... include the anterior, posterior, and rostral spinocerebellar, ... read more
Chapter 21. CHAPTER SUMMARY. This ... Conscious sensations or perceptions. ... e. impulses conducted along this pathway give rise to the following sensations: - fine ... ... read more
... Spinothalamic, and Spinocerebellar Sensory Tracts Posterior Columns Midbrain Ventral nuclei ... pathway Lower motor neurons Basal nuclei Cerebellum Primary motor ... read more
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... of environmental stimuli.Sensory Receptors l l l Perceptions of the world ... Spinocerebellar pathway l l l l l Carries ... which is conducted by ... ... read more