should you thaw steak before cooking?

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Aug 06, 2014 · If You Thaw Your Steaks Before Cooking, ... You're in the mood for steak and have some choice cuts in the freezer -- what's your first step? - read more

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Why You Shouldn't Be Thawing Your Steaks Before Cooking. ... He also suggests a different way of packaging steak before freezing it: ... - read more

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... but if you've been thawing your frozen steaks out before cooking them, you've been cooking steak ... Want The Best Steak Of Your Life? Don't Thaw The Steaks ... ... read more
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Never Thaw Frozen Steaks Before Cooking ... It does for the oven, though that raises the question "Why the heck are you cooking steak in the oven!?!". ... read more
... thaw frozen meat in an aluminum skillet to cut your thaw ... that you approximate cooking the steak ... before cooking and then serving the steak ... ... read more
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