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Subject: RE: Eval(R) - the R does NOT mean round... From: "Bob Cozzi" <[email protected]> Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 18:40:56 -0500; Importance: Normal - read more

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Subject: Re: EVAL(M) or EVAL(R)? From: Barbara Morris <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 20:50:59 -0400; List-archive: <http://archive.midrange.com/rpg400-l> - read more

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EVAL (H M/R) Assignment Statement: The EVAL operation code evaluates an assignment statement of the form "result = expression" or "result op = expression". ... read more
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IBM RPG RPG Report Program ... (a.k.a. RPGLE or ILE RPG) was ... move fields from the file into parameters C if %found C eval pName = ARNm01 C eval pAddr1 ... ... read more
Jun 23, 2013 · Home > IT Answers > AS/400 > EVAL(H) ... , iseries v5r4, RPG, RPG ILE, RPGLE VIEW ALL TAGS. ... (R), EVAL(M) and EVAL(H). ... read more
programming, rpg, joe pluta, EVAL-CORR, Practical RPG: Using EVAL-CORR in Business Logic Servers, as/400, os/400, iseries, system i, i5/os, ibm i, power system, ibm 6.1 ... read more
* Physical file EVALCORRPF A R PFREC A NAME 25A A IDNO 10P 0 A CITY 20A * Display file EVALCORRDF A R DSPFREC A ... eval-corr dspf_ds = pf_ds; ... ... read more
Aug 25, 2013 · I want to move some values to variable in RPGLE Program. ... A R PFREC A NAME ... eval-corr dspf_out_ds = pf_ds; ... read more
%CHAR built in function in rpgle converts date, time, timestamp, or numeric expression to character data type. %CHAR built-in function example:EVAL TIME_ISO=%char ... ... read more
Return ends the program and gives the control to the calling program.Return doesn’t release the resources.RETURN opcode ... RPGLE Built-in Function 34 ... EVAL r=p ... ... read more
RPG and the IFS Presented by ... c eval myPath = %trim(file) + x'00' c ... R W X R W X R W X. 19 Mode Flags in IFSIO_H ... read more
eval in rpgle EVAL (Evaluate expression) The EVAL operation code evaluates an assignment statement of the form result=expression. ... read more
RPGLE Null Values in Fields - ALWNULL in iSeries(AS400) MySampleCode Blog Archive 2013 (41) ... How to handle file with fields that allow null values in RPGLE or SQLRPGLE ... read more
One of the neat features that was added to RPG in V5R4 is the EVAL-CORR opcode. EVAL-CORR stands for evaluate corresponding, and it lets you copy all of the ... ... read more
... Here's a list of my SQLRPGLE and RPGLE source member ... PDM thinks it's an invalid EVAL operation. A A A A A R MCFMT MCACCT MCFNAME MCLNAME K MCACCT 6S 0 ... ... read more
RPGLE convert alpha string to numeric data. MySampleCode ... c move 'N' neg c eval $numeric = *zeros ... , RPGLE Did you find this article helpful? ... ... read more
RPG/RPGLE; If this is your ... What is the best way decimol rounding in RPG. ... (39,6); P(30,0) (decimal positions are truncated) eval(r) p1 = p1 * p2 * p3; ... ... read more
C Eval Amtdue = %Dec(TextValue : C %len(amtdue) : %decpos(amtdue)) This may be a bit more complicated and ugly, but it provides more ... ... read more
Search in RPG/RPGLE only Advanced Search Search. ... eval(h) with division inside divisor ... The "RPG Way" would be to use the op-code extender R on the Eval. Code: ... read more
Renaming one field in a file using EXTFLD ... RPGLE D-spec keyword EXTFLD . This article was written for IBM i 7.1, and it should work with earlier releases too. ... read more
evaluate expression given as a string. ... I'm curious to know if R can use its eval() function to perform calculations provided by e.g. a string. This is a common case. ... read more
A R MSGSFL SFL A ... Here is the RPGLE program called TESTRPGLE: ... C EVAL DTA = 'THIS IS A TEST MSG ' ... ... read more
Expressions are a way to express program logic using free-form syntax. ... EVAL (Evaluate expression) EVALR (Evaluate expression, right adjust) FOR (For) IF (If) ... read more
C eval RdCtr=1 C ... C**- Parsing the name is much easier with RPGLE! C**- (Compare this routine with the RPG III version). C** ... read more
CCSID transaltion with RPGle Showing 1-12 of 12 messages. ... program (such that it doesn't show up in the eval in DBG mode), then it seems to get passed through intact. ... read more
The article explores data structure enhancements in V5R1 and V5R2. Connect With Us: Magazine Archives. AIX; LINUX ON POWER; ... C Eval PrintAddr.City = *Blanks ... read more
2 RPG: Exception and Error Handling notify the help desk that there is a problem, and provide enough documentation for a programmer to be able to determine what ... ... read more
Free-format RPGLE does not support ... 44 44n D s1SflDsp 45 45n D s1SflMore 46 46n C eval s1LoadRequested = true C eval s1SflMore = true C C ... ... read more
That is, they do not adjust the current length of the variable-length fields. The EVAL operation code changes the length of a variable-length field. ... read more