offerings to elegua?

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The exception is Elegua. ... one for the types of objects you might place on the altar and the second category involves the types of food offerings that Elegua ... - read more

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Eleggua (also spelled Elegua, Elewa, Elegba or Legba) is the most important of the orishas in Santeria. Elegua was the first orisha created by Olodumare and he ... - read more

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Eleguá likes all kinds of things associated with child's play, ... a stone representing Elegua is prepared and charged with the Oricha's aché, or special energy. ... read more
Offerings to Elegua. Different regions have different traditions concerning Elegua. Global trade has also influenced what various Orishas are offered. ... read more
Offerings for Elegua topic posted Mon, August 13, ... i usually pray to Elegua and leave him offerings their with a candle and some goodies once in a while , ... ... read more
89 Responses to “10 Sweet Treats for Eleguá ... a question about Elegua. ... mad at me but just wants to be put back at his spot with his toys and offerings. ... read more
The Orishas: Elegua. Posted on January 27, 2015 ... Types of Offerings For Elegua. Both standard food and sacrificed animals can be offered to Elegua at the alter. ... read more
Many of the things that apply to Ellegua also apply to Eshu. Many times I will give offerings to all 3 of them at once. Since Eshu is sometimes equated with the ... ... read more
Offerings: Liquor (Rum is excellent), tobacco, chili peppers, candy, anything hot and spicy, drugs. Feast Days: June 13th. Astrology: the planet Mercury and the sign ... ... read more
Feb 05, 2017 · Santeria involves a reciprocal relationship with the orishas, ... Types of Offerings. Animal sacrifices are by far the most known type of offerings. ... read more
Eleggua is an Osha. First of the warriors next to Oggún, Oshosi and Osun. Eleggua is the first proteción, is the first that any aleyo or nascent one in the religion ... ... read more
Elegua is the orisha who opens and closes all paths to mankind. He is the divider of heaven and earth. He travels between heaven and earth letting Olofi and Olodumare ... ... read more
Pagina dedicada a los temas de espiritualidad para el crecimiento espiritual. ... read more
Ellegua is a santeria saint associated with opening paths. In addition to information, this page contains a prayer. ... read more
Followers of Santeria honor a variety of beings known as orishas. Here we discuss Aganyu, Babalu-Aye, Chango and Eleggua. ... read more
Clothed in red and black, Elegua is the Guardian of the Crossroads of Life to the peoples of Nigeria, Benin and to Afro/Cuban practitioners of Santeria. ... read more
Elegua, Eleggua also known as Eshu is an orisha, and one of the most known deities of the Yoruba and New World traditions. He has a wide range of responsibilities: ... read more
Jan 14, 2008 · Elegua is the most beloved and appeased of African deities. He is the one who stands at the crossroads. He is the Way Opener, the first one to be ... ... read more
Ogun has the intelligence and creativity to invent tools, weapons, and technology. ... Offerings for Ogun. Ogun has a big appetite and will eat almost anything. ... read more
Ochosi (Oshosi) lives in the woods and is a great hunter and fisherman. He's also a warrior, a magician and a seer with shamanistic powers. Ochosi is the lord of ... ... read more
Olokun likes similar offerings to ... beauty bone reading bones chango charm dance divination ebo eleggua elegua eshu exu faq festival frequently asked questions ... ... read more
The offerings have made it three days and then carried to the four corners or jungle or ... And you should also know the name of your Elegua, ... ... ... read more
Elegua, Esu, Ellegua, Eshu, Ogun. View Cart Checkout . Home Page . My Account . Contact Us . ... We have added prayers and a list of offerings with the intent behind ... ... read more
Elegua Santeria- Sovereign of the Crossroads. Elegua is an Oricha referred to as the Lord of the Crossroads in the Santeria religion. Elegua can sometimes be referred ... ... read more
The Orishas. The orishas are the ... so that they will recognise our offerings and come to our aid. The orishas are often best understood by observing the forces of ... ... read more
Papa Legba has his origins with the Fon people of Dahomey (Benin) Africa and is said to be the guardian and trickster of the crossroads and entrances. ... read more
Papa Legba governs over choice and the paths that we all walk. ... Offerings to Papa Legba include candy, rum, tobacco, bananas, black coffee, grilled chicken ... read more
Chango is a fierce warrior, yet at the same time, ... Suitable Offerings. Flowers— red roses are a favorite; Red candle; Red wine, plantains; red apples; ... ... read more
Apr 15, 2011 · He re’s a picture of last week’s Ancestor altar containing a few simple offerings to Elegua, the Opener of the Way (even to the Egun), to Oya, the One ... ... read more
Elegua's numbers are 3 and 21. His day is Monday. ... Offerings to Elegua include: candy, cigars and rum ... ... read more