no patellar reflex left leg?

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Absent knee jerk reflex: Introduction. Absent knee jerk reflex: Absent knee jerk reflex is where the leg fails to kick forwards in response to tapping of the patellar ... - read more

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The patellar reflex is a clinical and classic example of the monosynaptic reflex arc. ... On the other hand, multiple oscillation of the leg (pendular reflex) ... - read more

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Deep Tendon Reflexes Using a reflex ... diminished left ankle reflex suggesting ... Repeat and compare to the other leg. The knee jerk reflex is mediated by ... ... read more
no reflexes in legs ... Seen neuro Dr yesterday who told me i have no relfex"s in either leg, ... does anyone have any idea what my reflex problem could be? ... read more
Reflex tests are simple physical tests of nervous system function. ... Yahoo!-ABC News Network ... What Is A Straight-Leg-Raising Test And What Is It Used For? ... read more
What is a Patellar Reflex? ... an exaggerated reflex, in which the leg kicks out more ... you might have if your knee has no patellar reflex, ... ... read more
List of 14 disease causes of Decreased ankle and knee reflexes, ... Misdiagnosis and Decreased ankle and knee reflexes. Leg cramps at ... Reflex symptoms (469 ... ... read more
May 21, 2015 · ... intensity, and duration of your leg or ... or no reflex in either the knee (patellar ... diagnosed using a medical history and physical exam. ... read more
... Dr. Puppala on no knee jerk reflex: ... muscles twitches, reduced right knee patellar reflex & sometimes ... Saw neuro for bulging disc w/ severe left leg ... ... read more
This is an example of a reflex, ... Quadriceps/Patellar (thigh, knee) L3, L4 (Lumbar) Ankle: S1 (Sacral) ... Low Back and Leg Pain; ... read more
A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine ... Patellar Tendon: Outlined in pen on left, ... Patellar Reflex, supine patient. ... read more
No left knee reflex and weakness and instability in that leg too.Im scared and have had fusions on the lower spine. ... weak leg reflexes. ... read more
Feb 14, 2017 · Is lack of patella reflex a sign of ms? ... I do have neuroapthy in my left ... The patellar reflex involves so many different aspects of the body that it ... ... read more
The most familiar reflex is the knee jerk, when a doctor taps on the tendon below your knee with a reflex hammer and the leg kicks out. ... Strange Reflexes. ... read more
The knee jerk, or patellar reflex, that follows a tap just below the kneecap of a freely hanging leg is one such involuntary reflex. Sensory (afferent) ... ... read more
18 Responses to “Abnormal Leg Reflex ... Wow ,,exact same thing happened to me, left leg swung extra high as right leg just kinda clugged. ... read more
Leg and back pain, including sciatica, can be caused by a variety of reasons, not all of which originate from your spine. ... Decreased patellar reflex ... ... read more
... such as the patellar tendon reflex. There is no ... of the left leg and allows weight to be born on that leg. •Note that reflex arcs often include ... ... read more
Multiple Sclerosis. ... Leg problems - no reflexes ... Does anyone have answers as to how to cope with a "startle reflex" what are suppressed reflexes? ... read more
Dr. Khan responded: Hard to say. See a pain/spine specialist to determine if surgery or more conservative care is appropriate for you. ... read more
Jan 13, 2008 · No knee reflex what could cause ... reflex test on my knee and ankel and had no reflex so the dr checked my other leg and still nothing i was ... ... read more
Absence of Patella (knee) jerk. ... I don't know what causes the lack of this reflex action in your ... i have no reflexes in my right leg and my lower thigh is numb ... ... read more
Feb 12, 2017 · Reflex testing - No Response. Forum Rules ... had absolutely no reflex in my right knee and lessened reflex in my left ... any relief from your leg pain ... ... read more
Nov 12, 2006 · ... Knee Jerk relflex ... I never lost patellar. But now I have my entire left leg ... Maybe that's why you have no patellar reflex and now my whole leg ... ... read more
Diagnosing Back and Neck Pain: Testing Reflexes, Nerves and ... twitch in the leg being tested. When do reflex and ... reflex test shows little or no ... ... read more
I have absolutely no reflexes in ... for the MD to come in we started playing with the reflex hammer ... you're playing with my left leg, you'll probably ... ... read more
Information on Nerve Function Tests for Evaluating Low Back Problems. ... If your painful leg is weaker than the other leg, ... Patellar tendon reflex. ... read more
Knee reflex: (L2-L4) Slightly lift up the leg under the knee, and tap the patellar tendon with a reflex hammer. ... Deep tendon reflexes should be graded on a scale ... ... read more
The patellar (knee) reflex is mediated by ... Clonus will occur in the foot and leg following a ... (hyporeflexia) or 0 (no reflex elicited, even using the ... ... read more
During a physical, why does the doctor tap your knee with ... one member informed me that if no knee-jerk reflex can be ... also known as the patellar reflex, ... ... read more