names of lucifers demons?

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Lucifer Stands for the Devil in Christian Demonology Edit. The latin word lucifer is also used to refer to the Morning Star, with no relation to the devil. - read more

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Satan/Lucifer/The Devil & Demons/Evil Spirits. As well as God's angels, the Bible tells of rebellious angels; that although were at one time some of God's angels, now ... - read more

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Names of Satan; Lucifer, Satan, the Devil; ... ‘This fellow does not cast out demons except by Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons.’” Matthew 12:24. ... read more
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Treating "Lucifer" as a name for the devil or Satan, they may use that name when speaking of such accounts of the devil or Satan as the following: ... read more
Lucifer was once one of the Seraphim who rebelled against God and was ... The site offers an extensive database of demon names and profiles as well as articles on ... ... read more
Who are the six demons Cain, Nero, Judas, Legion, Belial and Lucifer? ... the two names given it was Belial and Lucifer they are the real demons which the Bible said ... ... read more
Lucifer: pride; Mammon: greed; Asmodeus: lust; Leviathan: envy; ... Perhaps a slightly low rank for such a familiar name, Satan is a demon of destruction, ... ... read more
Historically, what an archdemon is and the names of those demons has varied greatly over time. ... Asmodeus and Lucifer. Demon Kings of the Ars Goetia ... read more
Names of Satan and Demon Spirits: ... 'This fellow does not cast out demons except by Beelzebub, the ... 15. Lucifer. Isaiah 14:12 "How ... ... read more
Lucifer is greatly known as the first fallen angel in origin. Lucifer, whose name means "bearer of light" with other variations like "shining one, morning star, light ... ... read more
Edit this page; Read in another language; List of theological demons. This is a list of demons that appear in religion, theology, demonology, mythology, and folklore. ... read more
Satan and Demons. We believe in the reality and personality of Satan, the Adversary of God. Satan is the originator of moral evil and the god of this world. ... read more
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OK, right now i was making new story about the battle between 7 archangels & 7 demon lords. ... drinked the devils green blood and also lists the names Lucifer, ... ... read more
Lucifer' / 'Satan' / Cadwallader / Darkness / De Duivel / Der Teufel / Devil / Duivel ... Note that many demons' names are exclusively French or unknown in other ... ... read more
NO DEMONS ALLOWED. DEMONIC HIERARCHY. ... The chief of the fallen angels is an archangel who has at least forty names given in Scripture: Satan, Lucifer, Devil ... ... read more
Demons are malevolent spirits created by Lucifer. They are created from corrupted human souls that have endured extensive torture in Hell by Alastair and other demons. ... read more
A Knight of Hell is a unique breed of demon that are trained by Cain, the original knight. The Knights are thought to be among the oldest and most powerful of their ... ... read more
Home; History of Satan; Is Satan the beast? Names of Satan; Lucifer, Satan, the Devil; The Devil and Satan; Satan has 7 heads and 10 horns; History of Satan ... read more
The source for the name Beelzebub is in 2 Kings 1:2-3, 6, 16. Ba‘al Zəbûb is variously understood to mean "lord of the flies" or "lord of the (heavenly) dwelling". ... read more
Below, are the names of demons and destructive entities that can bring harm or destruction to individuals as well as articles on general demonology. ... read more
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List of Demon Names. Before we begin, there are a few notes that should be made about the following list of demon names. First, please read the disclaimer warning ... ... read more
Demons , Demonolatry ... Hell, Crowned Princes of Hell HIGH RANKING GODS AND CROWNED PRINCES OF HELL. There are four great ... He is also known by the names "Kheperi ... ... read more
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Because of Lucifers falling, ... The fallen angels and demons are Satan's followers. ... but there are some inconsistencies in these other answers. ... read more
The Bible gives evidence of the existence of demons. The word for demons in the Greek is daimon. Satan's evil angels are known in Scripture as demons. ... read more
Many Christians are ignorant of the nature of evil spirits and demons and avoid mentioning them. Read what the Bible says about demons at ... read more