my dog has a red spot on his nose?

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Jan 20, 2011 · Dog has red spot on nose?!?! pics included? I don't know what's wrong. Yesterday ... Spot on my dogs snout (pics included)? Red spots on dogs belly ... My dog has a red, sore looking spot where the... Oct 17, 2008 6 answers what do i do if my dogs nose has raw spots on... Jun 04, 2008 3 answers - read more

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My dog has a spot on his nose. its a pink spot that has gradually gotten larger and over the last couple ... my dog has a spot on his nose. its a pink spot that has ... - read more

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... My dog woke up with red swollen skin around nose, ... My dog woke up with red swollen skin around ... woke up with red swollen skin at each side of her nose. ... read more