my dog has a lump on her stomach after being spayed?

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Nov 08, 2008 · But my dog developed a lump after her spay surgery as well. For her, it was a build up of fluid. ... Dog has softball size lump in stomach after being spayed? Weird lump on puppy's stomach after being spayed?... Aug 16, 2011 4 answers Puppy just spayed and has a hard lump under... Sep 27, 2012 11 answers Why does my kitten have a lump on her belly after... Nov 27, 2009 9 answers - read more

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Bumps and Lumps after being spayed ... Well Bailey had that after being spayed and they said to keep her activity down because ... My dad found a lump under my skin ... - read more

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my dog has a lump on her stomach after being spayed? community answers

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