mannich reaction with phenols?

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Mannich Reaction. This multi-component condensation of a nonenolizable aldehyde, a primary or secondary amine and an enolizable carbonyl compound affords ... - read more

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The Mannich reaction is the aminoalkylation reaction, involving the condensation of an enolizable carbonyl compound (α-CH acidic compound) with a ... - read more

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Solvent-free Mannich-type reactions between the macrocyclic aminal 1,3,6,8-tetraazatricyclo[,8]dodecane (TATD) and phenols indicate that the activation ... read more
Stereoselective preparation of chiral compounds in Mannich-type reactions of a bicyclic imine and phenols or indole ... read more
United States Patent 3,394,399 MANNICH BASE SYNTHESIS OF SUBSTITUTED PHENOLS ... the abovedescribed Mannich reaction but may be ... PATENTS BERNARD HEFLIN ... ... read more
The Betti reaction is a chemical addition reaction of aldehydes, primary aromatic amines and phenols producing α-aminobenzylphenols. ... read more
Mannich reaction products of high molecular weight alkyl phenols, aldehydes and polyaminopolyalkyleneamines US 3413347 A ... read more
Page 106 o-Aminomethylderivatives of phenols. Part 3. Mechanistic investigation of a Mannich reaction of phenols with N-methylenealkylamines Krzysztof Bujnowski ... ... read more
Article Long chain phenols—part 30: A rate study of the mannich reaction of phenols (with particular reference to 3-pentadecylphenol) † ... read more
Phenol modified mannich reaction products from oxidized polymers Abstract. The invention provides a process for the Mannich condensation reaction of oxidized olefinic ... ... read more
Mannich reaction [′män·ikrē‚ak·shən] (organic chemistry) Condensation of a primary or secondary amine or ammonia (usually as the hydrochloride) with ... ... read more
Coupling P-31 NMR with the Mannich reaction for the quantitative analysis of lignin ... ondary amine for use in the Mannich reaction of phenols, ... read more
The phenols improve the processing and properties of the oxidized oil soluble Mannich reaction product. ... read more
bis-Mannich Polyether Polyols with Aromatic Structures ... reaction of acidic substrates such as phenols with the Mannich precursor reagent, ... The reaction is ... ... read more
PICTET-SPENGLER REACTION. Mannich Base. a tetrahydroisoquinoline ring. condensation occurs ... "MANNICH REACTION" is the property of its rightful owner. ... read more
Salicylaldehydes 5 were prepared with high selectivity by the reaction of phenols 4 with ... of substituted N,N-dimethylsalicylamines by Mannich reaction ... read more
The Mannich reaction is a well-known reaction which has been extensively reviewed ... Other Mannich condensates prepared by reacting alkyl phenols with ... ... read more
The use of amino acids in the mannich reaction. Authors. ... have been found to participate as the amine component in the Mannich reaction with both ketones and phenols. ... read more
Mannich polyols is a very important group of aromatic polyols obtained by the alkoxylation with propylene oxide (PO) [(and/or ethylene oxide (EO)] of the Mannich ... ... read more
Aminoacids as the Amine Component in the Mannich Reaction View the table of contents for this issue, ... The synthesis of Mannich bases derived from phenols, ... read more
Oct 08, 1979 · The invention provides a process for the Mannich condensation reaction of oxidized olefinic polymers. The condensation reaction is carried out in the ... ... read more
Synthesis of new aromatic mannich polyols for rigid polyurethane foams 37 Mannich polyols, which leads to the same high yield products of low viscosity ... read more
a study of the mannich reaction with certain phenols, of the causes of formation of coloured products and the prevention of their occurence (1979) cached. ... read more
New multicomponent reactions with phenols and isocyanides Julie Oble PhD. under the supervision of Dr. Laurence Grimaud and ... Mannich reaction with phenols and ... ... read more
aminomethylation of phenols.’ In this case the ... action or, if sequential to the Mannich reaction, completely destroy the normal products. Such ... read more
Paired Mannich condensates of alkyl phenols Abstract. ... The Mannich reaction is a well-known reaction which has been extensively reviewed in the literature. ... read more
Synthesis of Chiral Vicinal Diamines by Highly Diastereoselective Three-Component Phenolic Mannich Reaction: ... phenols from an electron-rich phenol, ... ... read more
Phenols are one of the few compounds which are attack by the weak electrophilic nitrosonium ion ... This is called the Mannich reaction. iv With CO 2 and phenoxide. ... read more
REACTIOX OF FORMALDEHYDE WITH PROTEIXS ... 1 Unlike the usual Mannich reaction ... phenols, imidazoles, or indoles. ... read more
Mannich bases derived from ketones, phenols, ... substrates in an S-alkylation reaction by Mannich ... N-Alkylation of benzimidazoles with ketonic ... read more