listerine and vinegar to kill head lice?

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Eliminate Head Lice With This Simple Home Remedy. By Jenny Hills Health. Head lice are harmless, but ... Vinegar and Listerine treatment for head lice. You need: - read more

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Does Listerine kill lice? ... Make sure you never use Listerine to treat head lice on children because they might ingest it by ... How to Treat Head Lice with Vinegar - read more

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... (the one who gave us all lice). Kill ... many attempts of Listerine and vinegar, ... They saw me itching and decided to check my head. They didnt see any lice ... ... read more
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Get rid of head lice naturally: ... The pharmacist told her to use Listerine, vinegar and coal tar shampoo. ... to kill lice? I have used it to ... ... read more