large hard painful breast lump?

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If a lump in the breast does not feel sore or tender, does that mean it isn’t cancer? Dr. Overmoyer: Between 2 and 7 percent of patients with a painful lump in ... - read more

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If the breast lump is hard, uniform in shape, and you can move it around it is probably a clogged milk duct, galactocele, or abscess. Other types of breast lumps are - read more

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Painful breasts. Almost all women have tender, painful breasts at some time during their life. If you suffer from regular pain, ask yourself these two important ... ... read more
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Although breast cancer is the most common cancer found in women, most breast lumps are not cancer. In fact, more than 80 percent of breast lumps end up being benign ... ... read more
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Ethan, Thanks for writing in. Dr. Greene says if a boy has a breast lump during puberty that lasts longer than two years “[the] breast lump should definitely be ... ... read more
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