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Khodam: The Mysterious Truth Revealed. Written by Peter Aziz. Follow. Share. Khodams, Angels & Djinn. ... The power of a Khodam also enables you to heal and protect ... - read more

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Ilmu Khodam--the Occult Art of Acquiring and Directing Spirit Servants. ILMU KHODAM--ITS PURPOSE. ... "O Allah, my Lord, I request the power of Ilmu Khodam level III." - read more

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Khodam Malaikat. This is a higher level angelic khodam. It has greater protective powers, but requires daily mantra chanting of about 20 minutes to maintain its power. ... read more
khodam functions that have been fused with the owner of witchcraft. ... Practising occult power? Product Options # Option Price; 1: Practising occult power? Shipping ... read more
HAUNTED RARE ILMU KHODAM & MARID DJINN . ... Some of the powers that a Khodam is able to give its owner is the ability to gradually increase telepathy and clairvoyance. ... read more
Acquiring these energies could increase the practitioner's powers. The shamans in Indonesia often seek the left-over power of an adept wielded by their khodam; ... ... read more
The power and love of an Khodam is limitless my friends. With such an incredible spirit, money means nothing, as wealth is on tap. Love, Health, Happiness and so much ... ... read more
It comes with an Ilmu Khodam binding ... they can grant wishes on occasion but what they do is bless you with your own powers. Each Ilmu Khodam is capable of ... ... read more
Our regular emails are not functioning, please send us your emails to this address: Empowered & consecrated magickal talismans and amulets; occult-powers; self ... ... read more
Angelic Powers Khodamic Spirits Khodams Jinns Spirits Ghost Genies ... This Sapujagad Angel Magickal Power will transfer a rare legendry power of a khodam king ... ... read more
Recite the verse below for a total of 1111x. I request the power of Ilmu Khodam level III. ... Basics of Ilmukhodam- Spirit keeping guide for beginners and intermediate. ... read more
ENTER MY STORE My Cart: 0 items. All Products / Golden Guardian Ilmu Khodam Amulet Golden ... Having a Khodam will increase your own Magickal Powers, ... ... read more
Ilmu Khodam - The Occult Art of Acquiring and Directing Spirit Servants (467.0 Kb) ... read more
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The best structure in the West of the Khodam is the Enochian system. If the Goetia are part of the Khodam, what extra powers will we learn? Summary. Article Name. ... read more
The Spiritual Power of the Keris. The Keris is said to posses many mystical and spiritual powers . Many believe that a properly made Keris, crafted by a Keris Smith ... ... read more
100's of ILMU KHODAM Amulet~Angel Djinn ... You will glow with an inner radiance and outer beauty from your interaction with the Khodam. Your powers of ... ... read more
Ring of the Angelic Khodams Comes with a khodam Spirit The ring of the Angelic Khodams possesses a multitude of powers and attributes that is highly sought after in ... ... read more
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Handsome & Powerful Egyptian Ilmu Khodam King! $70.00 $40.00. Out of stock. ... Ilmu Khodam are The highest of all Khodam in power and abilities and ours are some of ... ... read more
Ilmu Khodam are The highest of all Khodam in power and abilities and ours are some of the most powerful to be found. ... read more
20 SPIRIT Power Amulet Holds MULTIPLE Djinn Khodam Angel Apsara Devata Dragon Unicorn Dakini and MORE! Regular Price: $1,299.00 . Special Price $649.50 . ... read more
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This powerful talisman has been charged with high-level magical and metaphysical powers of East Java, ... Be the first to review “KHODAM MAGICAL STONE” Cancel reply. ... read more
The mystical spirit oil is an extremely powerful attraction charm, imbued with strong magical powers that make it a genuine love potion. ... Mystical Khodam Spirit Oil. ... read more
This is for an Ilmu Khodam, Angel ( any class) , or Watcher. Yes, watchers are angels and unlike many may lead you to believe Watchers are not and never will be dark. ... read more