keck allylation mechanism?

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The asymmetric Keck allylation is a chemical reaction that involves the addition of allyl group to an aldehyde. - read more

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Mechanism, references and reaction samples of the Keck Asymmetric Allylation. Support this website. Synarchive is free but requires a lot of work. - read more

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Keck asymmetric allylation is an organic reaction in which an aldehyde can be converted to a homoallylic alcohol with high enantioselectivity. It is named after the ... ... read more
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Heck Reaction Mechanism; This cycle is not limited to vinyl compounds, in the Sonogashira coupling one of the reactants is an alkyne and in the Suzuki coupling the ... ... read more
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... “Bronsted Acid-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylation of ... Keck (Keck, G . E.; Tarbet, K. H ... the allylboration proceeds via a type-I mechanism involving a chair ... ... read more
Allylation of C=O Bonds Reviews: Schinzer, D. Synthesis 1988, 263–273; Fleming, I.; Dunogues, J.; Smithers, R. Org. React. 1989, 37, 57–575; Hoffman, ... read more
A palladium-catalyzed one-pot Tsuji–Trost type decarboxylative allylation/Wittig reaction has been developed to synthesize C-vinyl glycosides. Screening of various ... ... read more
Enantioselective Iridium Catalyzed Carbonyl Allylation ... A plausible catalytic mechanism ... The allyl stannanes employed in the Umani-Ronchi-Keck allylation ... ... read more
Abstract—A new mechanism is proposed for the -regioselective indium-mediated ... allylation methods that have been ... Keck, G. E.; Abbott, D. E ... ... read more
Barbier allylation reaction of carbonyl compounds with allyl bromide was investigated using a catalytic amount of indium (0), indium (I) or indium (III) salts i ... read more
Gary E. Keck, Robert L. Giles, ... Enantioselective Iridium-Catalyzed Carbonyl Allylation from the Alcohol or Aldehyde ... On the Mechanism of Asymmetric ... ... read more
Chiral Allylsilanes as Enantioselective Allylation Reagents for Aldehydes Focusing on work by James Bull Groupe Charette, Réunion de littérature, 4 Décembre. ... read more
Use of allylic triflones for allylation of ... consistent with the proposed SH2" mechanism. 4165 Table 1. Allylation of C-H Bonds Using Allylic ... Keck , G. E ... ... read more
The mechanism of and chiral Lewis acid catalysts for the addn. of allylic silanes, ... The Keck asymmetric allylation with allyltin derivatives showed more promising ... ... read more
... based on the Keck allylation procedure, ... as well as the unexpected formation of the 2,2'-anhydronucleoside. A possible mechanism for this cyclization is ... ... read more
Complex Allylation by the Direct Cross-Coupling of Imines with Unactivated ... The authors also thank the W. M. Keck Foundation Biotechnology and Resource ... ... read more
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Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents offers several ... Keck Allylation ... a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism enables the chemist to ... ... read more
C.2 Type II Allyl Metals ... Allylation may be regarded as a ... Denmark and Keck have investigated the reaction mechanism in more detail and both groups ... ... read more