ive been on my period for 2 months whats wron?

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Aug 16, 2007 · Ive had my period for 2 months now and i dont no whats wrong with me, i need help what should i do what's wron ... No period in 2 months whats wrong ... Excessive Bleeding for 3 months non stop! Whats... Mar 12, 2008 13 answers i had my period for over 10 days whats wrong with... Nov 01, 2008 13 answers My girlfriend hasn't had her period in about 2 ... Dec 14, 2008 31 answers - read more

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Apr 15, 2009 · bleeding for 2 months ... go through the hole 9 months of pregnancy again.and ive been told im more ... my body and it is not my period. it's ... - read more

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