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Acne in Klinefelter syndrome-46XY/47XXY mosaicism? ... Swarnalakshimi S. Acne in Klinefelter syndrome-46XY/47XXY mosaicism?. Indian J Dermatol ... XXY is also not ... - read more

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Indian Pediatrics 2003; 40:917-919 : ... FISH analysis showed XXY and chromosome 21 fluorescence signals in all metaphases and ... Osada Y. 47XXY /48XXY, +21 ... - read more

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Case presentation. We report an Indian boy diagnosed as variant of Klinefelter syndrome with 47 XXY/46 XX mosaicism at age 12 years. He was noted to have right ... ... read more
A rare 47 XXY/46 XX mosaicism with ... We report an Indian boy diagnosed as variant of Klinefelter syndrome with ... tient with 47XXY/46XX with clinical features of ... ... read more
Acne is very rarely seen in classic Klinefelter syndrome (47XXY). Acne is more commonly seen in other Klinefelter genetic variants 47XYY, 48XXYY. This syndrome is ... ... read more
... (47XXY) and the remaining ... the meiotic competence of 47,XXY germ cells and the aneuploidy rate of post-reductional cells. ... Indian Journal of Dermatology ... read more
A medical and information site for 47,XXY, including Klinefelter Syndrome & variants ... read more
Cytogenetic investigation of a phenotypically normal female with male social attitudes revealed that while most of the cells had a karyotype of 46 XX, a minority were ... ... read more
Indian Xxy 47xxy? . - Find ... Click for view big size (240x240) XXY Movie Review & Film Summ... Click for view big size (1200x500) XXY, Lucia Puenzo. Еще от П... ... read more
An example of this is one of the milder forms of Klinefelter syndrome, called 46/47 XY/XXY mosaic wherein some of the patient's cells contain XY chromosomes, ... ... read more
Aug 13, 2016 · XXY's top tips on #JPBIRM17 convention - Duration: ... Project 47XXY - Duration: ... Dehati Indian Comedy 5,285,542 views. ... read more
XXY is the condition of having two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome. Klinefelter syndrome in males; Other meanings of XXY. XXY (film), a drama film about an ... ... read more
31 cells analysed, there were 21 XX,6 XY,and4 XXY cells (Fig. 4, 5, 6). Discussion ... Indian JournalofMedicalResearch,55,47-50. and Roy, B. (1967). Mitogenesis with ... ... read more
Acne in Klinefelter Syndrome-46XY/47XXY Mosaicism?. Indian J Dermatol.. 2015; 60(5) ... Rare XXY/XX mosaicism in a phenotypic male with Klinefelter syndrome: ... ... read more
Background 47 XXY/46 XX mosaicism with characteristics suggesting Klinefelter syndrome is very rare and at present, only seven cases have been reported in the literature. ... read more
Academic journal article Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine. A Case Report of Klinefelter Syndrome with Schizophrenia-Like Psychosis and ... (47XXY) when he was ... ... read more
Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome (PMDS), ... XXY genotype. J Urol2004; ... ectopia with persistent Mullerian duct syndrome. J Indian Med Assoc 2007 105:135-6. ... read more
Quizlet is a lightning fast way to learn vocabulary. ... read more
REGULAR ARTICLE Klinefelter’s syndrome (47,XXY) among men with systemic lupus erythematosus Skyler Dillon1,2, Rachna Aggarwal1,2, James W Harding2, Liang-Jing Li3,4 ... ... read more
Indian J Hum Genet. 2014 Jan-Mar ... XXY, t (9; 22)(q34 ... XXY is seen in 80% of cases and occasionally karyotypes may be 48XXXY or 49XXXXY or mosaic 47XXY/46XY. ... read more
Sex chromosome abnormalities are due to numeric ... 47,XXY (Klinefelter ... A clinical and cytogenetic study of Turner syndrome. Indian Pediatr 1995; 32 ... ... read more
Indian J. Psychiai. (1980) 22 142—150 ... XXY=4 XXY/XY=1 XY=1 aXY=28 XY=23 ... Fig. 3B. Showing 47XXY of the same mosaic. ... read more
testing (47XXY), came to our ... per 1000 neonates (47, XXY karyotype) and the life ... Disorder. Indian J Psychol Med 2015 Jul-Sep;37(3):364-5 19. ... read more
Indian J. Pedlat. 33 : 267, 1966. ... XXY Male + XXY 6/12 Male -- XY ... 47 47XXY 46 normal 47 21 -trisom~ ... read more
47 XXY confirmed ! - (at last) ... as all focus appears to be on women and so I eventually found an Indian medical association report into ... the 47XXY, I understand ... ... read more
Indian female athlete fails gender ... / ... Condoms designed to meet international size specifications are too big for many Indian men as ... ... read more
Chronic myeloid leukemia in case of Klinefelter syndrome Vasundhara Chennuri, Rajesh Kashyap, Parag Tamhankar, Subha Phadke Departments of Hematology, and 1Medical ... ... read more
Klinefelter syndrome is a disorder of variation of sex chromosome, the most common karyotype being 47XXY. Multiple case reports and articles have been published ... ... read more
Triple X syndrome, also called trisomy X or 47,XXX, is characterized by the presence of an additional X chromosome in each of a female's cells. Although females with ... ... read more
Muhammed K,Lilly S,Shereef P Indian ... Previous studies of XXY individuals were ... The risk of developing autoimmune disease is higher in 47XXY males than ... ... read more