i have a bump on my testicle and it hurts?

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Hard lump on my testicle ... almost to the size of one quarter of my testicle and it hurts a ... yeah but when i touch the bump it doesn't cause discomfort ... - read more

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Testicle Lump; Testicle Lump. Written by Brian Krans Medically Reviewed by . Email; Print; SHARE ... If your testicle dies, your doctor will have to remove it surgically. - read more

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... but I’ve recently found a lump on my testicle. ... “Oh, also, I have a bump that I’m worried ... which could appear in The Globe and Mail and/or on The ... ... read more
Have you had any previous lumps? Do you have any pain? Does the lump change in size? ... If you have a lump in your testicle, tell your health care provider right away. ... read more
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Dec 15, 2010 · The other day I noticed a small bump on my left testicle. ... Small painful lump on testicle? ... slightly bigger and only hurts when I touch it from the ... Painful lump on left testicle, hurts when i touch... Jul 02, 2009 1 answer Pimple/bump on testicle, cancer? | Yahoo Answers Aug 01, 2012 5 answers ... read more
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Dr. Wright responded: Get checked. Good to get that checked by a doctor to make sure it is not ... ... read more
Here's more information about the multiple potential causes of a lump on the testicle, including testicular cancer, ... Is This Lump a Symptom of Testicular Cancer? ... read more
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A painless lump on the testicle is the most common symptom of testicular cancer. Explore. Log in My Profile. Your profile ... Pain or discomfort in the testicle, ... ... read more
How JustAnswer Works: ... I have a tiny lump on my right testicle that is tender to touch and radiated into my stomach whenever I touch it. i have noticed this ... ... read more
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This exchange is for male urology issues and questions ... a small white bump on my ... one the the size of my thumbnail,it was like a third testicle!! ... read more
Today I randomly checked myself and found a bump on my right testicle. ... Hernia's can refer into the testicle and testicle pain can refer up into the groin and feel ... ... read more
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Jan 19, 2006 · Left Testicle Pain Need Help ... noticed I have a bump or so on my left testicle near ... the pain feels like its in my leg but when i feel my testicle it ... ... read more