how to type a hyphen over a letter?

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Apr 18, 2009 · To put a hyphen over a big letter N ... How do you put a hyphen over a letter using your computer keyboard.? ... You can only upload files of type 3GP ... How do you put a hyphen over an alphabet ... -... Apr 19, 2009 4 answers How do you make a dash above a letter while... Feb 14, 2009 4 answers How do you put the dash over names like Jose and... Apr 13, 2008 6 answers - read more

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How to Use Letters and Hyphens on a ... understand the purpose and proper use of each type of hyphen. ... document and press once on the key to type that letter. - read more

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How do you type an acute accent over a letter? ... A quicker way is to type Ctrl+ followed by the letter. For example, typing Ctrl+' followed by e produces é. ... read more
The first lists accents and symbols that you can put on Discover Life by using the code given at the left. ... Latin small letter Y with grave ‐ ‐ Hyphen ... read more
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This list is organized by Accent type. The sample shows a letter with that accent, and the Notes present any special comments about using that ... ... read more
But how do I put the accent mark (') directly over a letter? ... directly over a letter? For example, if I want to type the spanish word for "parameter", ... ... read more
The character hyphen bullet U+2043 is not ... Line breaking properties for some Unicode dashes and hyphens; glyph ... or to indicate a word spelled out letter by ... ... read more
... a hyphen is usually not necessary. ... Here is how to type an en dash: ... sub, post, anti, etc.) is a letter or set of letters placed before a root word. ... read more
... a dash the width of the letter n. Conventions for using hyphens differ from ... over: supra: chemo: ... -type. To Link Compound Nouns. Use a hyphen to link ... ... read more
Microsoft Windows users can type an "é" by pressing Alt+130 or Alt+0233 on the numeric pad of the keyboard. "É ... users can type the acute accent letter "é" by ... ... read more
One reason for putting a “line,” “bar,” or “hyphen” over a character is to indicate a long sound. ... and type the required text between them. ... read more
But the accent over the final -e is still desirable to indicate pronunciation and to distinguish ... HOW TO TYPE THE ... The usual device of a hyphen ... ... read more
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HTML Codes Two Methods & Alternatives. HOME. ... - Hyphen - . Period (fullstop) . ... you type a letter, ... ... read more
You can use the character map function built into Windows to type these letters, ... Place the cursor where you want to type the letter with the tilde. Step. ... read more
The wavy or squiggly dash that appears above the letter "N" is known ... shortcut symbols to type the letter. ... the lowercase "n" with a tilde over ... ... read more
That Squiggly Dash above an 'n' ... placed over a letter to indicate a ... function-it stands alone as a separate letter, representing a palatal-nasal type of ... ... read more
How do I make an accent mark over a letter? ... and then select the Font that you are using to type the text. Locate the letter with the accent mark that you ... ... read more
... it mentions it by having an umlaut over dash. ... type umlaut over a dash as in many German dictionaries? ... is the capital letter O. For the hyphen, ... ... read more