how to find kb from pkb?

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Sep 27, 2008 · How do you determine Kb if pKb is 8.75? ... How do I get Kb from pKb? How do you determine Kb if pKb is 8.75? Source(s): kb pkb: Please help me quick. How to find the pKa and pKb... Apr 29, 2007 1 answer Pka and Kb Question ? | Yahoo Answers Nov 08, 2008 6 answers How do you find the pKb value, given the pKa... Apr 16, 2012 7 answers - read more

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Calculate K a from pH and Molarity. This is a favorite problem for teachers to test! Here's the problem to be discussed: Problem #1: ... - read more

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Kw = Ka x Kb. pKw = pKa + pKb [H +] = inv log (- pH) If pH is 3.45 enter . shift log – 3.34 . to find [H +] ... pKb = - log Kb . pKw = - log Kw . Ka = inv log (- pKa) ... read more
Find the [OH-] from the pKb value ... [OH-] find the pOH. 3. Find the pH from: pOH + pH = 14 . Example: ... pKa = 9,83 therefore pKb = 14 - 9,83. pKb = 4,07. Kb = 10 ... ... read more
Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation For Acid Buffer HA H +1 + A-1 Ka = [H +][A-]/ ... Kb = [B +][OH-]/ ... pKb = pOH - log[B +]/[BOH] pOH = pKb + log[SALT]/[BASE] ... ... read more
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Calculating the Hydronium Ion ... The K b for an acid is calculated from the pK b by performing the reverse of the mathematical operation used to find pK b. K b = 10 ... ... read more
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Apr 15, 2012 · How do you find the pKb value, given the pKa value? ... pKw= pKa +pKb Solve for Kb pKb = pKw – pKa = 14 – 3.87 = 10.13 pKb = 10.13 Bye, C6H6 ... read more
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Finding kb from pH and molarity. Chemical Forums February 02, 2017, 11:56:01 PM Welcome, ... what is kb? 14-11.70=2.3 pOH = 0.00501 kb = (acid)(OH-) / (base) ... read more
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