how often do i put chlorine in my pool?

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How much chlorine should I use in my pool? These charts will give you an estimate of how much chlorine to ... available chlorine level often and adjust your ... - read more

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Jun 27, 2006 · How often do you add chlorine to a pool? ... dissolving..then put another in and so on (thats how i do ... gallons do I add and how often to my above ... ... read more
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Chlorine D.E. filters should have this done at least once per year. ... How do I Backwash my DE Filter? ... Put here to close off flow from the pool, ... ... read more
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Disinfecting a wading pool. ... Do not reenter pool until the chlorine residual is between 1 to 3 ppm. The chart below is a guide to the amount of this product to ... ... read more
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Salt in My Pool? The salt level ... How often will I need to add salt? After the initial dosage of salt, ... Chlorine generators do one thing, generate chlorine. ... read more
Many people comment on the lack of chlorine smell or taste in my pool ... Also if using chlorine make sure you don’t put the tablets into your skimmer or pump ... ... read more