how fast does chalice coral grow?

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how fast do chalices grow? Started By Neto , Jan 28 2011 06:59 PM. Please log in to reply; ... if it's that blue chalice with pink eyes that mr.coral always has ... How fast do frags grow? - Beginners Discussion -... Growth rate among shrooms, rics, zoas, palys,... - read more

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How fast do these corals grow ... So I bought one harry mushroom coral, ... I'm curious how fast this guy will grow and how big should it get and how long do ... - read more

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The Galaxy Coral Galaxea fascicularis is a popular large polyp stony ... In the wild, Galaxy Coral G. fascicularis colonies grow up to 3.3 feet (1 m) across. ... read more
... which corals are good for beginners. ... it will grow large enough to be a hazard to ... This is a fast growing coral that can take over large areas of ... ... read more