have had hiccups for 2 days?

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What are hiccups?Hiccups occur when a spasm contracts the diaphragm, ... If you have hiccups that last a few days or longer, ... 2017 WebMD, LLC. - read more

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Home remedy and also easy to do a spoon of sugar regular sugar no splenda swallowed may give u a simple and easy answer the science behind is stimulate the motility ... ... read more
Ive had hiccups for 2 days now. ... Hiccups won't stop for 3 days. Patient : Ive had hiccups for 2 days now. Never had any real indigestion issues. 33 year old male. ... read more
The 30-Second Hiccup Cure Translations ... Ive had violent hiccups for 2 days now. ... I have had hiccups throughout my life that are always almost impossible to ... ... read more
Jul 13, 2006 · It just started yesterday, I have no idea... show more I've had hiccups for bout 2 days now. ... I've been having hiccups for 2 days in a row now. ... read more
i have had the hiccups for three days and it is causing ... i have had the hiccups for three days and it is causing heartburn problems and the only way i feel better ... ... read more
Non-stop hiccups only clue to man ... If they last more than two days, nonstop hiccups may occasionally be a sign ... What's the worst case of hiccups you've ever had? ... read more
Hiccups that last for days, weeks or even years may be symptomatic of underlying disease. Certain lung or brain disorders can sometimes interfere with the ... ... read more
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Got the cure? What to do about hiccups. by Thor ... i have had the hiccups for 2 days straight and they would go away and 15 mins later they would come back, ... ... read more
As bizarre as this sounds my 13-yr-old daughter has had hiccups for 5 days. We have tried every home remedy that ... THere was a patient that had hiccups for 2 ... ... read more
Jan 25, 2013 · ... i have had hiccups for 3 days now non-stop it makes me feel sick almsot. i cant get to sleep and ... is it normal to have hiccups for more than 3 days ... ... read more
... Hiccups - Experience. ... I've also discovered when I get the hiccups they will usually resurface frequently over a couple days. ... I had hiccups for about 24 ... ... read more
You had painful hiccups for two days? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would ... Can you be pregnant if you have had sharp pains in your stomach for two days following ... ... read more
What should I do if the hiccups won?t go away? I?ve had the hiccups for a day and a half. ... Hiccups that last for hours to days, such as the ones you describe, ... ... read more
Sometimes hiccups can last more than 2 days or even more than 1 month. ... Sometimes in people who are known to have had a stroke or who have a tumor. ... read more
... you should see your GP if you have hiccups that recur frequently or last longer than 48 hours so they can try to identify a possible cause and determine ... ... read more
For aslong as I can remembe I have always had 1 or 2 hiccups at a time ... a week.The longest period i have had them was for 2 days.The only break i got was ... ... read more
Mar 05, 2009 · On Wednesday I got the hiccups and had them off and on throughout the day, ... I've Had The Hiccups Off And On For The Last 2-3 Days?!? ... read more
What Causes Hiccups ? ... but in rare cases they may last for days — or even years. Hiccups that last for more ... Maybe this is why I have not had hiccups in well ... ... read more
Hiccups that last more than 48 hours may be caused by a variety of factors, which are generally grouped into the following categories. Nerve damage or irritation. ... read more
If you have had hiccups for more than ... My boyfriend has had the hiccups for four days now and has been to the er twice now and got two different meds thorzine ... ... read more
What do hiccups mean? by ... While these things are not often the cause of hiccups, if you have had hiccups for 48 hours it is important to consult a physician to ... ... read more
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He has had hiccups for the past two days. ... I've seen it first hand in more than one instance, even people suffering for upwards of 2 weeks of hiccups. ... read more
Hiccups (Hiccoughs) View this article ... If you have hiccups for more than 48 ... one research study found that many people with persistent hiccups had a gut ... ... read more
At your age, i may not have to worry much about all the other causes of hiccough. It is an irritation of the phrenic nerve causing sudden jolts of the diaphragm ... ... read more
Man who hiccups once every two seconds is diagnosed ... the reason behind his incurable hiccups which have previously ... with it now after days of crying and ... ... read more