drug derivatisation?

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Chemical Reagents and Derivatization Procedures in Drug Analysis Neil D. Danielson, Patricia A. Gallagher, and James J. Bao in Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry - read more

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GC/MS Analysis for Morphine and Other Opiates in Urine ... drugs. Derivatization by acetylation or TMS yields acceptable chromatography for FUDT analytes2,3, ... read more
Solubility V/s Dissolution Solubility is the measurement of how ... of solubility through complexation Solid state manipulation Drug derivatisation 12 ... ... read more
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The spectrophotometric methods used for the determination of this drug are based on the reactivity of its tertiary nitrogen [12], mercapto group [13, 14] or ... read more
Chan et al.: Target Identification by Chromatographic Co-elution 6 based on the premise that the drug-protein complex is less susceptible to digestion13. ... read more
In the case of NAC, a few HPLC-UV methods without derivatisation have been reported for particular dosage forms, like an inhalation solution, ... ... read more
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Derivatisation involves a chemical reaction that alters the molecular structure of the analyte of interest ... derivatisation of a drug is usually. aibolita.com. ... read more
laboratories use urine drug analysis in the follow-up Other methods have used precolumn derivatisation of drug addicts under clinical care, i.e., ... ... read more