dos command to know file size?

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We know that the RD(RMDIR) command can not delete a ... the file size in bytes, and the date and time the file was ... An internal DOS command, ... - read more

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How do I determine the size of a file or folder? Microsoft Windows users Mac OS X Users MS-DOS and Windows command line users Linux and Unix users - read more

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Windows command for file size only? up vote 35 down vote favorite. 12. ... I know that the dir command outputs this information, but it outputs other information also. ... read more
MS-DOS check folder size. ... it will only show the file sizes, ... Are you really talking about MS-DOS, or do you mean the Windows command prompt, ... ... read more
There is no such command built into DOS or Windows Command Line. On Linux, ... then use the dir command. C:\>dir Lists the file size, ... how would anyone know? ... read more
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Short for Microsoft Disk Operating System, MS-DOS is a non-graphical command line operating system created for ... If you are new to MS-DOS or the Windows command ... ... read more
DOS Batch Script Snippets. ... Use FOR command to determine the file size in ... Showing the remaining delay time in the window TITLE will even let the user know what ... ... read more
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How to Find a File in DOS ... Type the following command in the DOS window if you know the file extension but you ... useful even when you need to know a file's size. ... read more
Product Documentation Pages To configure the command prompt. ... In Screen Buffer Size, ... either at the command prompt or in a text file, ... ... read more
MS-DOS Commands :: dir Overview: Use the ... (e.g.: file size, last modified date) to a .csv ... (remains in effect until you close the MS-DOS window) by typing a set ... ... read more
We can do this using forfiles command. Find files with size of 1 ... you can use @file in place of @path. Command to find files with ... If you know of any way ... ... read more
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Feb 04, 2001 · University of Wisconsin KnowledgeBase . ... (Disk Operating System) ... does the opposite of the above command. Instead of hiding the file it will unhide ... ... read more
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Nov 18, 2010 · How to open notepad using MS DOS (command prompt) ? ... file size, last modified date) ... Useful when you know the name of a file but don’t recall which ... ... read more
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Problem Copying with Dos Command LI. LindaM22 ... The maximum NTFS file size is about ... recorder or into sattelite receiver ), but this devices know only FAT32 ... ... read more