does having ana negative mean hiv negative?

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Apr 29, 2014 · What does the test result mean? A positive ANA test result means that autoantibodies are present. ... A negative ANA result makes SLE an unlikely diagnosis. - read more

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Mar 16, 2011 · Tested ana positive what does that mean? ... thing that came to mind when she said autoimmune was hiv. if that was a possibility ... a negative ANA. - read more

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ANA-negative lupus happens when the antinuclear antibody test comes back negative, ... If the ANA test comes back negative, then lupus cannot be present, ... ... read more
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HIV symtoms and tested negative. no other reasons for my ... negative ANA by Elisa : Negative Serum calcium ... then it is conclusive that you are HIV negative. ... read more
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A Positive ANA Test: Should You Worry? ... (ANA) test does not automatically mean you have lupus. Your immune system is your body's natural defense against disease. ... read more
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An ENA blood test will screen the blood for specific autoantibodies and is generally ordered to test for autoimmune disorders. ... result on the ANA ... Does the Test ... ... read more
May 31, 2011 · i have a positive ana test. does this mean lupus? ... 3% to 5% of people with lupus have a negative ANA In diagnosing lupus, ... ... read more
Dr. Friedlander responded: Not altogether. But it makes lupus very unlikely and ... ... read more
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