does bathroom need vent?

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Under the International Plumbing Code, does a bathroom need an exhaust fan? I would have to vent it through the roof, which could be troublesome, so would rather not ... - read more

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All traps need venting in all cases. Without a vent, the water seal in the trap gets sucked out and sewer gases can enter the room. There's also all sorts of examples ... - read more

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Does a bathroom exhaust fan have to vent to the outside? ... The company also extended the bathroom vent down and out a soffit. ... Questions that need answers; ... read more
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Chris, Q. Does bathroom vent piping need to be insulated? A. Yes. Otherwise the exhaust duct gets too cold when it runs through the attic. A cold duct allows ... ... read more
Do You Need Bathroom Vents? Do You Need Bathroom Vents? Whether you ... Installing a bathroom vent can decrease your risk of acquiring mold. ... read more
Background: Remodel work, bathroom. Double vanity relocated, broke up shower/tub to separate units. Sinks share one dedicated 2" vent to roof. ... read more
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Down, Not Up, Is the Best Direction for Venting a Bathroom Jun 04, 2014 ... If need be, the vent can be run through a closet or in the corner of a room, and boxed in. ... read more
Bathroom Exhaust Fans Bath fans help remove odors and moisture — and can be used in some homes to satisfy whole-house ventilation requirements ... read more
Bathrooms need exhaust ... Is it better to run duct to ridge vent exit points ... and will allow for one fan to blow some air back in to the other bathroom when ... ... read more
Vanity Venting. In new construction, the simplest way to vent a bathroom group is usually to install a single vertical vent pipe behind the bathroom sink. ... read more
i have framed a a bathroom remodel. Need to drain and vent a toilet, sink and shower. my toilet is at the end of 3" run. My sink is 3 ft from the 3" run and my shower ... ... read more
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Plumbing Vents, Why Houses Need Them (forget the soda bottle analogy) ... require a plumbing vent. Vents are frequently connected together inside the attic, ... ... read more
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Getting the details right: Bathroom Exhaust Venting. ... I am using 4″ schedule 40 pvc pipe thru cold attic space to vent a bathroom exhaust fan. Does it need to be ... ... read more
Feb 02, 2012 · Local building code requires a vent fan in every bathroom. I would not vent it to the attic ... Help solve this agument! Does a bathroom need an exhaust fan? ... read more
Plumbing Vent Piping TIPS. Vent pipes allow air into the plumbing system; WATCH my Vent Piping video below! Each fixture needs to be vented properly ... read more
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I will be installing my kitchen sink drain pipe soon. Some people have told me I don't need an outside vent because it is not on a toilet drain. It is stand alone. ... read more
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Hi there, I need to install a vent fan in the basement bathroom I am constructing, I would like to know do I need to hook it up to a circuit which connect to GFCI ... ... read more
Venting a Bathroom Should Be Done Right ... If need be, the vent can be run through a closet or in the corner of a room and boxed in. A bathroom fan does not need ... ... read more