do mule deer hibernate?

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Deer don't hibernate. In the winter they will however sleep longer hours and generally restrict excess movement, meaning they'll stay closer to 'home'. - read more

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Description: Mule deer are “mule-like” in that they have large ears that seem to be constantly moving, and are about ¾ the length of their head. ... read more
Field Guide/Mammals/Mule Deer. From Wikibooks, ... They do not hibernate, however they tend to move to lower elevations during the winter due to temperature changes. ... read more
Deer don't always sleep much at night -- they typically use the cover of darkness as protection against predators. When they do sleep at night, they do so in such a ... ... read more
Deer species do not hibernate in any way. White-tailed deer 'yard up' which means they avoid deep snow by finding groves of evergreens such as hemlock trees that can ... ... read more
Apr 28, 2008 · Deer come from their mother like anybody else. They do not hibernate. They live in many different areas and there are different types of deer depending on ... ... read more
Mule Deer have large ears that move constantly and independently, from whence they get their name, "Mule" or "Burro Deer." They do not run as other deer, but have a ... ... read more
How do animals spend winter? Learn how animals hibernate, migrate and adapt to the changing weather. Plus, get some fun and easy science projects. ... read more
April 22, 2014---Researchers have only recently found the longest large mammal migration in the continental United States: Mule deer migrate 150 miles (241 ... ... read more
Deer do not occur in viable numbers north of the St. Lawrence River. Northern deer have larger body size than deer further south. This is true of all mammals, ... ... read more
Day One – The Birth of a Fawn 28 October 2010. A Year in the Life of the White-tailed Deer School of Forest Resources University of Georgia ... read more
All hoofed mammals have toes modified into hooves. ... Like white-tailed deer, mule deer do not migrate or hibernate, but forage across snow. ... read more
White-tailed deer from the tropics and the Florida Keys are markedly smaller-bodied ... white-tailed deer are shy and more reclusive than the coexisting mule deer, ... ... read more
Deer mice have many adaptations to the various habitats of South Dakota. In the shadowy woodlands in the eastern part of the state their backs are almost black. ... read more
Unlike other bears, polar bears do not hibernate in winter; ... Mule deer do not raise their tail during flight like white-tailed deer do. ... read more
Whitetail Deer Facts & Interesting Information, including deer audio, photos & artwork of whitetails, habitat information, and deer hunting & tracking tips. ... read more
There is no water directly on the property but once the snows fall the deer and elk live on snow and bears hibernate. ... (DIY) Do it Yourself hunts with ... mule ... ... read more
This deer conservation guide is one in a series developed jointly by MU Extension and the Missouri Department of Conservation. White-tailed deer are susceptible to a ... ... read more
Description: The name white-tailed deer is widely accepted because their tails are brown above and white below with laterally fringed white throughout. ... read more
Deer Mouse Order Rodentia: Family ... Deer mice do not hibernate. Their winter activities may include taking up quarters in a pile of logs, from which ... ... read more
Living with Oregon Wildlife Injured/young wildlife Wildlife control operators Wildlife diseases ... deer and mule deer as well. EHD ... where bats hibernate in areas ... ... read more
Do deer hibernate? Q: How does a bell make sound? PEOPLE SEARCH FOR. Whitetail Deer Audio Sounds; Deer Sounds Online; Hear the Sounds of the Whitetail Deer; Deer Call ... ... read more
Jan 19, 2007 · What sound does a deer make? waaabecca. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 152 152. ... The noises that come out of the deer in Nara Park are just too funny ... ... read more
Forest Foods Deer Eat. The white-tailed deer is our most popular game animal, enjoyed by 700,000 Michigan hunters and countless others interested in photographing or ... ... read more
American black bear skins can be distinguished ... escape enemies and to hibernate. ... the species will also regularly prey on mule and white-tailed deer fawns in ... ... read more
Desert grasslands without shrubs do not have mule deer unless they contain rugged topography or riparian areas. ... read more
How do deer adapt to their environment? A: Quick Answer. Adaptations that help deer survive include being fast and agile, having strong muscles for kicking, ... ... read more
The Official Jasper National Park Website. ... Mule Deer. A mule deer's ... Although bears do not truly hibernate ... ... read more
Explore the whitetail deer coat; differences between winter and summer coats, molting, insulation and more. A year in the life of a Whitetail research from the ... ... read more