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Best Answer "The CONTINUUM RPG Just Does Not Cease To Kick My Ass ... Imagonem Norwegian RPG magazine [PDF 39k; AD 2002.09] RPG News RPG of the Week [AD 2002] ... - read more

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i Table of Contents Book 0: Introduction to the Continuum 1 • Introduction to the Continuum and Nexus • Theme • An Alternative Chronicle: The Continuum vs. - read more

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Continuum (role-playing game) C°ntinuum; roleplaying in The Yet; C°ntinuum cover; illustrated by Mike Kaluta. Designer(s) Chris Adams, Dave Fooden, Barbara Manui ... ... read more
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From the publisher's site... CºNTINUUM: Roleplaying in The Yet was released to critical and fan acclaim as a benchmark in time travel roleplaying. ... read more
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Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet: Continuum 0: Aetherco / Dreamcatcher ... PDF Store: Buy This Item from ... The GURPS RPG: Visit our Sponsors! ... read more
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