concrete eating ants?

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We have ants eating away concrete in the lower part of the house. They leave BIG pile’s of concrete powder on the floor where the floor and wall’s meet. - read more

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Pavement Ants with identification and how to get rid of pavement ants - read more

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Pavement ants do not any present risk to people but can be a pain in the neck. Fortunately, there are lots of various homemade traps and household repellants to ... ... read more
Pavement Ants - Invades buildings while foraging for food throughout the year. Nests are outdoors under stones, along curbs or in cracks of pavement. ... read more
Concrete & Termites. There is an urban legend that says that termites can eat through concrete to get into a home. In fact, termites do not eat concrete. ... read more
Detection of yellow ants nesting under concrete slabs is difficult and control is rarely practical or justified. Pharaoh ants, Monomorium pharaonis . Pharaoh ant. ... read more
Question: 1) Can termites eat through concrete? 2) How large of a crack in concrete is needed for termites to access? ANSWER: They can not eat through concrete. ... read more
Dec 21, 2012 · No, it will actually be the aging wet concrete. Ants can never eat through concrete unless for the fact that it has holes. ... read more
Oct 24, 2009 · How do i kill ants eating the cement and wood of my house? ... How do i kill ants eating the cement and wood of my house? (house hold things they hate)? ... read more
I have tiny ants eating nearly all the corners of my concrete steps. The only difference from last year is that I had the steps painted and stained in the fall. ... read more
Dec 23, 2010 · From: Ants! Natures Secret Power A giant ant colony is pumped full of concrete, then excavated to reveal the complexity of its inner structure. ... read more
Coping With Termites and Carpenter Ants Does rigid foam insulation aid and abet these destructive insects? ... read more
Pavement ants are small black ants that eat almost anything and can contaminate food. Learn about pavement ant control in our PestWorld pest guide profile. ... read more
Concrete Cast of Ant Nest Reveals Huge Underground Metropolis. 86826 Share on ... researchers made a cast of an anthill by pumping it full of concrete, ... ... read more
Can certain kinds of ants eat through cement foundations? ... Ants do not eat through concrete. ... flickers specialize in eating ants. many other birds, ... ... read more
At Differences between ants and termites, there is a picture and list of differences. ... Pay close attention to places where concrete: steps, porches, ... ... read more
Carpenter Ants Ecology Publication #97-420 arpenter ants are large black or reddish black social insects, living in colonies and having castes of ... read more
Over time, ants can damage concrete. However, if you keep all the cracks in concrete caulked, it will prevent the ants from damaging the concrete. ... read more
Do termites tunnel through concrete/mortar/cement/cinder blocks etc.? Published on February 28, 2016 by Don. Date : 28.02.2016. ... read more
Ants in Concrete Cracks. Sometimes all that is required is a few morsels of food dropped on the back patio, and the home suddenly seems infested with ants pouring out ... ... read more
How To Get Rid of Pavement Ants. By staff. Print article Share Article. Keep Them Out ... read more
Where Ant Colonies Hide in Your House Got ants? Here's how to track them to their source. ... Under the concrete slab. If small ants are eating your meat, ... ... read more
Can a termite eat through concrete? A reader e-mailed in this question: "Can Termites eat through concrete? I had a dark spot coming through my vynl floor and would I ... ... read more
Ants belong to the family Formicidae within the order Hymenoptera. ... For example, Megaponera is a strictly termite-eating (termitophagous) ... ... read more
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chewing on cement. 2. I have a hole in my cement slab in my house. It keeps getting bigger. ... porcupine eating log home; tiny fast bugs on baseboards; RED MITE ... ... read more
Jun 04, 2013 · Zontaar has driven acrossed this highway bridge many times, but is wondering what is happening to the concrete. It seems to be getting eaten away by bugs ... ... read more
Termites In My Brick House? ... I’m not sure if this is how the legend of termites eating through bricks or concrete came about but let me put this to rest for you. ... read more
Now this year it seams the ants are enjoying it too. ... Interlocking Concrete Pavers. Join Date: Jun 2006. ... Ants Overtaking My Pavers ... read more
Termites and Concrete. Termites can be a homeowner's worst nightmare, eating through wood at breakneck speed. While termites can't eat through concrete, they might ... ... read more