catalytic converter going bad smell?

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How can you tell a catalytic converter is bad? ... The rotten egg smell means that the catalytic converter is ... converters smell like rotten eggs when going bad - read more

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The catalytic converter is a very important part of the emissions control system on your vehicle. It’s usually good for the life of a vehicle, but occasionally it ... - read more

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7 Symptoms of a Failing Catalytic Converter 7 Symptoms of a Failing Catalytic Converter. If you ... then you can be sure the converter has a clog and is going bad ... ... read more
Jan 26, 2012 · Diagnosing a Faulty Catalytic Converter. ... amount of carbon buildup in your car's engine or a bad catalytic converter. ... The smell is hard to ... ... read more
Jul 31, 2012 · Signs of a clogged/bad catalytic converter bpm03. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1,312 1K. Loading... Loading... Working... Add to. ... read more
Causes of Catalytic Converter Failure - Causes of catalytic converter failure include clogging or poisoning. ... Bad exhaust valves on the engine; ... read more
What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter?. ... lose some power when going ... a rich fuel mixture that makes the exhaust smell like rotten eggs from ... ... read more
Feb 22, 2010 · I replaced the Catalytic Converter and now theres a smell? ... smells like burning wood. is this normal for a new catalytic converter or is it a bad ... how do you know if a catalytic converter is going... Jan 18, 2007 12 answers What happens when the catalytic converters go bad... Oct 20, 2006 12 answers what does a rotten egg smell from your car mean?... Jul 30, 2007 17 answers ... read more
Egg Smell in a Catalytic Converter ... but numerous symptoms can point to a bad catalytic converter. ... picking up children and going to the store. ... read more
Mar 27, 2006 · Auto Diagnosis - What's That Smell? ... converted to sulfur dioxide in your catalytic converter. ... it means a failed catalytic converter. The bad news: ... ... read more
Mar 18, 2008 · Emmy award winning mechanic Scotty Kilmer shows how to check your own vehicle's catalytic converter to see if it's gone bad. ... vehicle's catalytic ... ... read more
The smell doesnt mean its going bad. ... so you're saying that a rock opening a hole in or around the catalytic converter isn't going to make the gas more likely ... ... read more
How catalytic converters work. ... Well, yes and no. The smell was caused by the catalytic converter, ... the bad smell is a sign that the converter is working quite ... ... read more
The rotten egg smell means that the catalytic converter ... What are symptoms of catalytic converter going bad ... Some symptoms of a bad catalytic converter ... ... read more
Reasons For A Converter Failure. Your Catalytic ... A fine up to $2,500.00 can be assessed for removing or tampering with a properly functioning catalytic converter. ... read more
How to Diagnose Car Smells. ... Replace your catalytic converter. If you smell a sulfur or rotten eggs smell, you’re probably going to need to get your car serviced ... ... read more
Jan 26, 2012 · Engine Smell: What it Means and How to Fix ... Any type of engine smell is a bad sign, ... Diagnosing a Faulty Catalytic Converter; Burning Smell from a ... ... read more
That rotten-egg sulfer-y smell may mean that the catalytic converter is going bad, ... This will lead to a decaying smell when you run the ventilation system. ... read more
catalytic converters ... WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OFA CATALYTIC CONVERTER GOING BAD. 2 Answers. 60 ... It will smell like rotten eggs. ... read more
Usually when a cat goes bad, you will smell sulfur. ... Will my O2 sensor cause my catalytic converter to go bad or does my catalytic converter going bad cause my O2 ... ... read more
Your Ford Expedition catalytic converter is the one responsible for reducing impurities in your car's emissions. ... if you smell something similar to a rotten egg, ... ... read more
I test drove it today and now there is steam/smoke coming from right around the catalytic converter. ... of smell and color). It smells ... my gasket is going bad or ... ... read more
A catalytic converter should never fail! ... Reasons for catalytic converter failure. ... Is my oxygen sensor bad and Frequently asked Questions? ... read more
Why do some exhausts smell bad? A: ... of the thermal reaction that occurs within the catalytic converter. ... sure there is not something unusual going on. ... ... read more
Your Catalytic Converter Is The Most ... of the exhaust going through your Catalytic ... if a Catalytic Converter is contaminated due to a bad ... ... read more
The easiest way to know of the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter is to ... then it is probable that your catalytic converter is bad. There is also an awful smell ... ... read more
I've owned two vehicles whose catalytic ... What are the tell tale signs of a catalytic converter that might be going bad? ... lots of vibration and bad smell ... ... read more
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