cat dragging rear legs?

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Paralysis in Cats. Loss of Body ... In some cases, the cat will not be able to move its legs at all ... Walking with the front feet while dragging the rear legs; - read more

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What Causes Cats to Lose Control of Their Legs? ... If your cat is fine one minute and suddenly dragging his hind legs the next, ... Rear Leg Weakness in Cats. ... read more
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My daughter's 9 month old male cat started walking in a very unsteady manner and seemed to develop extremely weak hind legs overnight. This happened 5 days ago. He is... ... read more
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Aortic Thromboembolism In Cats. ... This is a photo of a cat with aortic thromboembolism that caused a blockage of blood flow to one of the cat’s rear legs. ... read more
May 17, 2008 · she was find when i left for work, i came home, and now her back two legs are dragging, ... My cat's back two legs are dragging, what causes this? ... read more
Aug 15, 2008 · In early August 2008, Candy began to walk with a swagger in his rear legs. Favoring one side then the other. It became progressively worse to the point ... ... read more
My cat’s back legs went limp and he died suddenly. What ... in the living room he was dragging both legs ... right and she couldn’t move her rear legs. ... read more
Feline diabetes often causes weakness in the hind legs of cats. Rather than walking normaly, the cat will walk on his hocks (see image below). ... read more
Aortic thromboembolism in cats is a serious consequence of cat heart disease. ... Dragging of one or both hind legs. ... Rear legs that are cool to the touch. ... read more
Has anyone ever had a cat with a degenerative problem of the spine or muscles in the back legs? Our orange kitty Reilly has been having a steady ... read more
Radial nerve paralysis is one of the most common nerve injuries in dogs and cats causing the front paw to drag on the ground. ... read more
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Can't move back legs. ... My cat could not get up using its back legs. Her front legs were working but she lost control of her back legs, let some urine out. ... read more
Back in 2012, CatTime reported on Corky, a cat who was found dragging his rear legs behind him on the side of the road in North Dakota. Although one of the cat’s ... ... read more
We examined the 10-year-old cat and noticed that in addition to his ... weak or dragging hind legs is a veterinary ... and the rear muscles are no longer able ... ... read more
My cat won't walk on his back legs my friend found him this morning dragging his back to legs. he moves his tail in only slight ways. He's outdoor cat but he has no ... ... read more
Hind leg weakness is a side effect of diabetes in pets. ... Rather, the owner notices that the hind legs are weak and the cat has decreased mobility, ... ... read more
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My cat is a rescue about 4 to 5 years old. ... My cat is paralysed in rear legs ... She was dragging her back legs and seemed to be in discomfort. our immediate ... ... read more
My 6 year old Golden suddenly lost use of his rear legs last night. I rushed him to the emergency clinic, and the Vet concluded after an x-ray that he has hip ... ... read more