car stuck in snow burning smell?

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Burning Smell From Car When I Was Stuck In The snow. ... Burning Smell From Car When I Was Stuck In The snow Started by OrenB217, January 8, 2010. 17 posts in this topic. - read more

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A helpful stranger tried to aid me in pushing the car out of the snow, ... with smoke and the smell of burning ... Burning Smell after being stuck in snow. - read more

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Apr 05, 2015 · One complainant said that the burning smell started shortly after he put the car into Drive. ... Upon exiting the car, I saw that my seat was on fire." ... read more
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After geting from the snow, this strong dead fish smell or ... I checked under the hood and it didn't smell. The odor was inside the car. ... Was "stuck" in the snow ... ... read more
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Dec 20, 2010 · The brakes in my car smell like burning.? ... if it,s in the back then it sounds like the parking brake cable is stuck ... My car brakes make a burning ... ... read more
... Last night my Forester got stuck in snow on the ... car out of the snow. There was some burning smell but ... due to the snow stuck underneath the car as ... ... read more
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burning smell Evo X General. ... snow\ice/rain Issue: burning smell ... When I get out of the car I can smell it at my back wheel wells but it is gone within 30 ... ... read more