can u get pregnant day before you ovulat?

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Aug 21, 2007 · Can you get pregnant on the day you ... yes abslutely cos that is the day your eggs will be ready.however t get pregnant you should have sex a day before ... - read more

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... days before you ovulate through the day of ovulation, although you're much more likely to get pregnant if you have ... You can use BabyCenter's Ovulation ... - read more

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How likely are you to get pregnant if your last intercourse was 3, 4 or even 5 days before ovulation? You ... The five days before ovulation plus the day ... ... read more
... and when you can get pregnant. ... When can I get pregnant ... this doesn't mean that a woman has to have sex on the day of ovulation, as sperm can survive ... ... read more
Aug 30, 2006 · Best Answer: can get pregnant on the day you ovulate. Actually when ... Can you get pregnant, 2 days before the exact day you ovulate? ... read more
Aug 26, 2008 · Can you get pregnant the day after you ovulate? ... It is more likely that you would become pregnant if you had sex the day before you ovulated, ... ... read more
... what might help you get pregnant? Sex! ... Day one is the first day of the menstrual period and the last day is the day before the next period begins. ... read more
If you are trying to get pregnant, you should get a copy of ... phase and is from the day of ovulation until the ... whites” just before ovulation occurs and ... ... read more
How does ovulation influence when I can get pregnant? ... days before and the day of ovulation ... five days before you ovulate. Ovulation usually ... ... read more
If you have a 28 day cycle, ... You have to ovulate to get pregnant, and the egg only lives about 24-36 hours afterwards if not fertilized. However, ... ... read more
Jan 30, 2014 · If that happens then you get pregnant. You're most fertile for six days out of each month, ... If I had sex a day before ovulation, can I get pregnant ... ... read more
The second most fertile day is the day before ovulation. ... you may still get pregnant on the day you ovulate, even if you avoid intercourse that day. ... read more
Trying to get pregnant? ... and having sex regularly five days before and on the day of ovulation — can improve the odds ... signs When is conception most likely; ... read more
Can you get pregnant right before your period? ... then it may be possible to become pregnant on what you think is a day or so before your menstrual period. ... ... read more
Can I get pregnant just after my period? ... before your period starts. The first day of ... to me and i noticed i was pregnant on the 9th day after using ... ... read more
This means that you don't have to time sex to the exact moment you ovulate to get pregnant. You actually have a ... five days before and the day of ovulation ... ... read more
And when and how often should you have sex if you want to get pregnant? Is Day 14 Your ... every morning before you get up in ... Changes Can Get You Pregnant ... ... read more
If you're only basing your OV day on discharge, you should know that ... she asked if she could get pregnant 2-3 days after ovulation. NOT can i get pregnant if i ... ... read more
... having sex the day you ... after at least three to five hours of sleep and before you get ... No OPK can guarantee that you will get pregnant or that ... ... read more
Can you get pregnant from intercourse after ... sure what day you are ovulating, you can only get pregnant ... Can you get pregnant four days before ovulation ... ... read more
Mar 18, 2011 · It's not possible to get pregnant 4 days before your ... indicate you're ovulating on day 24, you may get pregnant 4 days before you thought your ... ... read more
Ovulation can begin as early as 12 hours after a positive ovulation test and if you ... before. Chances of being pregnant ... day 19 can I still get pregnant ... ... read more
There are many frequently asked questions when it ... Keep in mind that you can get pregnant while ... on more than one day? Many women can experience cervical ... ... read more
Nov 23, 2008 · Best Answer: No you can not get "PREGNANT" before you ovulate. However you ... Can you get pregnant having sex once 1 day before ovulating? ... read more
Most women will ovulate approximately 14 days from the length of their cycle. In other words, if you have a 28 day cycle, ovulation is day 14, 30 day cycle, ... ... read more
Jan 02, 2008 · yes it could be true that you are pregnant cuz you spotted the day before you had sex. i am ... Can you get pregnant if you have sex the day after you ... ... read more
Pregnancy: First Trimester ... Can you ovulate on day 22 ... it is physically impossible for you to have gotten pregnant if you ovulated before your ... ... read more
Feb 13, 2008 · Can you ovulate the day before your period is due? ... How many times should you have sex on your fertile window while trying to get pregnant? 8 answers ... read more
Early ovulation on 9th day of cycle. ... A couple of days before you get your ... Taking a high quality food grade supplement can also help you get pregnant faster ... ... read more
This means that you can’t get pregnant, ... Usually six to eight breastfeedings a day will suppress ... and thus you could not have gotten pregnant before this ... ... read more