c words that sound s?

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Sep 15, 2008 · Words that start with C but sound like S? !rawr! cinema's an example something like that ... Source(s): words start sound s: https://biturl.im/yiypP - read more

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The “Rule of c" is the phonics rule covering the two sounds of the letter c, when c makes the s sound or when c makes the k sound ... k" to words like picnic ... - read more

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... the sound of soft c is /s/ ... The pronunciation of c in newly coined words using these suffixes is not always ... In addition to hard and soft c , ... ... read more
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When to pronounce the letter ‘c’ as /s/ or /k/ ... in other cases we use a /k/ sound. Words containing the letter ‘c’ pronounced as /k/ pronunciation: why? car: ... read more
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ESL word pronunciation help focusing on hard and soft c and g sounds ... Hard sounds beginning words: keep, day, play, garage. A soft sound is a long sound made ... ... read more
The voiceless palatal fricative is a type of consonantal sound ... Portuguese and English orthography is not a voiceless palatal fricative but /s ... Occurs in words ... ... read more
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Soft Cc Words Rule: ... Then it usually takes the sound of the letter ss. sock Ee cease cedar cellar cell Celtics cent rice race ace face mice place ... read more
Our list of words starting with C is a great resource for competitive players of word ... it’s well worth bookmarking our suggestions for C words for your future ... ... read more
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