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BPXWDYN Documentation MVSFORUMS.com Forum Index-> Utilities: View previous topic:: View next topic : Author Message; kolusu Site Admin Joined: 26 Nov 2002 - read more

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BPXWDYN Documentation Introduction to BPXWDYN BPXWDYN is a text interface to a subset of the SVC 99 (dynamic allocation) and SVC 109 (dynamic output) services. - read more

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BPXWDYN is closely realated to ALLOCATE but it is not quite the same. ... Please refer to the following sites for documentation on BPXWDYN: ... read more
BPXWDYN is a text interface to a subset of the SVC 99 (dynamic allocation) and SVC 109 (dynamic output) services. BPXWDYN supports data set allocation, unallocation ... ... read more
The BPXWDYN documentation for dynamic allocation refers to the TSO ALLOCATE command syntax, which does not support the option you're wanting to use. ... read more
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A collection of announcement letters and product documentation for Enterprise COBOL for z/OS. ... read more
Cobol call BPXWDYN. ... BPXWDYN returns a 4-Byte Code with some importand information in the 2 high bytes ... ( see BPXWDYN Documentation at ftp: ... ... read more
"Preaching to the Choir!" :-) We all wonder about some of the documentation and requirements. ... bpxwdyn-command DC Y(L'bpxwdyn-info) bpxwdyn-info ... ... read more
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The bpxwdyn documentation is pretty bad in places. First it says that the ... Dynamic file allocation on IBM mainframe. Quote: > Using BPXWDYN I tried mod, ... ... read more
April 2004 211 In this issue MVS 3 Easy dynamic allocation! 9 Porting a Java Web application to z/OS ... this article; you should read the BPXWDYN documentation page ... read more
You CAN dynamically allocate files in IRXJCL ... call bpxwdyn (address tso-style ... The link to the BPXWDYN documentation can be found at: ... read more
Try finding the documentation for BPXWDYN for your z/OS release and see what it says about the DSN keyword. steve-myers Global moderator Posts: 1821 ... read more
Cobol call BPXWDYN. in ... BPXWDYN returns a 4-Byte Code with some importand information in the 2 high bytes ... ( see BPXWDYN Documentation at ftp: ... ... read more
... Z Download Documentation ... Appendix H. References. ... The Dataset Pipes utilities allow for flexible allocation of MVS Datasets through use of the BPXWDYN ... ... read more
Hello,I try to allocate an OUTPUT statement dynamically out of a COBOL programm via BPXWDYN ... But regarding the documentation ... IBM Mainframe Forum is the ... ... read more
I'm investigating using BPXWDYN instead of IKJEFTSR for dynamically accessing a dataset. Rather than reinvent this wheel, is there anyone with a short sample pr ... read more
Read the documentation on the LE callable service CEEENV. ... use the routine BPXWDYN as documented in chapter 6 of z/OS Using REXX and z/OS UNIX System Services. ... read more
You can use BPXWDYN ... and output to the terminal. as described in section Using REXX in Programming CGI Requests in the Com-plete HTTP Server documentation ... ... read more
See the following link for BPXWDYN documentation. BPXWDYN has come with base OS/390 for several releases and is also part of z/OS. ... INFO TSO-REXX Schwarzbauer, Joe ... read more
In the context of IBM mainframe computers, a data set (IBM preferred) ... Documentation for these systems historically preferred this term rather than file. ... read more
Closed as documentation error. Error description. DOC APAR ... When the customer uses BPXWDYN to allocate a file as NEW that is already allocated, ... ... read more
With BPXWDYN you can allocate and free datasets dynamically. ... The documentation includes samples for invoking BPXWDYN from a C program and a REXX program. ... ... read more
To help you with SVC 99, there is an IBM utility, BPXWDYN, ... BPXWDYN documentation is available at ftp:// ftp.software.ibm.com/s390/zos/tools/bpxwdyn/bpxwdyn.html. ... read more
How to allocate and delete files when NOT ... module named BPXWDYN that lets you use SVC99 services with a syntax similar to TSO. Attached, IBM documentation on it ... ... read more
Functions bpxwdyn (s) Calls the BPXWDYN service, a text interface to dynamic allocation and dynamic output. For details, see the IBM documentation for bpxwdyn. ... read more
Invoke REXX from COBOL. Select messages from # through # FAQ [/\] ... Here is the documentation of BPXWDYN: Text Interface to Dynamic Allocation and Dynamic Output ... read more