bindi eye weed control?

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Soliva sessilis, one of up to nine species of the genus Soliva, is a low-growing herbaceous annual plant. Its common names include field burrweed, Onehunga-weed, lawn ... - read more

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South-East Queensland is in the grips of a bindi weed infestation and councils ... Beating the bindi ... it and that way the grass will exclude the bindi-eye. - read more

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Whether you call it bindii, bindi weed or bindi-eye, this prickly-seeded little weed is currently causing big problems in Pine River Shire, Brisbane. People are keen ... ... read more
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Environmental Weeds – Problem plants of our district. ... Bindi-eye (Bindii ... Whilst it may be impossible to eliminate this weed, control measures are imperative ... ... read more
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Weed Control; Solve My Problem. Common problems with lawns; Disease I.D. ... Bindi Eye(Jo Jo) Key Identifying Features. Sparsely hairy leaves divided into numerous ... ... read more
Australian Word Map of ... link Compare California puncture weed, caltrop, cat head 1, cat's eye 1 ... [North Coast Qld informant] May be the same as bindi-eye ... ... read more
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... meaning three pronged or the Latin tribo meaning to tear and also the Latin name of the caltrop. ... Noxious weed of NT, SA, TAS, VIC and WA. Management and Control: ... read more
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