batch file to get directory size?

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Batch File To Display Directory Size. ... @echo Size is: !sum! k Its in a batch file called dirsize ... Function to calculate the size of a directory and its ... Batch file that returns folder size - Stack... windows - How to list all folder with size via ... windows - Calculation of directory size in DOS ... - read more

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Hello, I need a DOS command/Batch file to get the folder size alone. ... (*.jpg)" if you only wanted to know the total size of the pictures in a directory. - read more

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A batch file is a kind of script file in DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows. ... and use the UNC share as the working directory of the batch file, ... ... read more
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How to find the cumulative size of a directory. ... I am not looking for batch scripts but ... Dir command listing to show folder and file count, and directory size ... ... read more
Create a Date and Time Stamp in Batch ... available files and subdirectories in the directory. Create a Batch File with ... size (smallest first ... ... read more
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Dos Command/Batch file to find a folder path & file size Hello, I need a DOS command/Batch file to get the folder size alone. Example C:\Project/sample.doc ... read more