balling slang?

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Jun 26, 2003 · 1. Reezy's new grill was exceptionally balling, even by the standards of his affluent homies. 2. John balled his fist in rage as he walked in on Ken ... - read more

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This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of balling is. The slang word / phrase / acronym balling means... . Online Slang Dictionary. A list of slang ... - read more

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Ballin' is a slang for someone hype. It could either be one of these : 1) ... ballin flossin; balling; balling ass; Ballinger; Ballingeric; balling jack; ballingo; ... read more
Balling definition, a spherical or approximately spherical body or shape; sphere: He rolled the piece of paper into a ball. See more. ... read more
Define balling. balling synonyms, balling pronunciation, balling translation, English dictionary definition of ... Vulgar Slang To have sexual intercourse with. v ... ... read more
Perhaps you are thinking of balling which is a slang word meaning "to have sex with". In some English dialect the "ng" gets shortened to an "n" sound, but then it ... ... read more
Jan 09, 2007 · What does the slang term "ballin'" mean? ... Help people, I'm confused the word "ballin" or "Balling" what does it mean? Open for any answers. ... read more
Are you aware of the used of the term "balling" to mean having sex? ... (slang, usually in present participle) To be hip or cool. ... read more
Bowling Lingo. ABC. The American Bowling Congress was founded in 1895 and was dissolved in 2004. It was replaced officially on January 1, ... ... read more
Sep 11, 2016 · English Etymology . balling (referring to the high pay of professional basketballers) Adjective . ballin' ‎(not comparable) (African American Vernacular ... ... read more
What's "balling the jack"? Dear Slang City: 1. What does "balling the jack" mean and what is its origin? I hope it's not gross. ... read more
Talk:Snowballing (sexual practice) Skip to table of contents ↓ This is the talk page for ... The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English. ... read more
Nov 20, 2006 · This Site Might Help You. RE: What does balling mean? (gangster language).? Okay, I know alot of the slang terms that people use, but this one I can't ... ... read more
Synonyms for spitballing at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. ... read more
Possibly the most popular collection of English slang and informal expressions available online, now listing over 4000 words and phrases... ... read more
Define spitballing. spitballing synonyms, spitballing pronunciation, spitballing translation, ... school slang a small missile made from chewed paper. 2. ... read more
Dec 30, 2015 · Appendix:Glossary of paintball. Definition from Wiktionary, the free ... Guppy - Slang for plastic tubes used to carry generally 50 to 160 paintballs on ... ... read more
Bowling Terms and Lingo. Here is a complete list of terms and lingo you need to know in regards to bowling. ... read more
Slang (2 matching dictionaries) Balling: Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade ... Phrases that include balling: low balling, black balling, erik balling, ... ... read more
Meaning of British Slang phrase 'balling'. ... Follow Follow @British__Slang; What is British Slang? It's slang, rude words and euphemisms from all over Britain. ... read more
Um, poodle balling? Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS) ... Yeah, says that "balling" is vulgar (no kidding) slang for sexual intercourse. ... read more
Highballing definition, a drink of whiskey mixed with club soda or ginger ale and served with ice in a tall glass. ... Slang definitions & phrases for highballing Expand. ... read more
balling Drug slang A regional term for vaginally implanted cocaine. Sexology A regional colloquial term for engaging in sexual congress. balling ... read more
Psychology Definition of EYEBALLING: is a term, typically classed as 'slang' which is used to describe the preliminary observance of search results or a piece of ... ... read more
Do You Remember the 60s Slang? sixties slang 60s slang 1960s . The 1960s era had some of its own slang where some of these began in the 1960s era while others were ... ... read more
balling Drug slang A regional term for vaginally implanted cocaine. Sexology A regional colloquial term for engaging in sexual congress. balling ... read more
We found one dictionary that includes the word poodle balling: Slang (1 matching dictionary) poodle-balling, ... Search for poodle balling on Google or Wikipedia ... read more
Definition of ballin in the dictionary. Meaning of ballin. What does ballin mean? Information and translations of ballin in the most comprehensive ... ... read more
Balling the Jack: Railroad slang that meant "going at full speed." It was also the name of a popular dance in 1913, but later became a metaphor for lovemaking used by ... ... read more