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An antibody (Ab), also known as an immunoglobulin (Ig), is a large, Y-shaped protein produced mainly by plasma cells that is used by the immune system to ... - read more

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Written Description Problems of the Monoclonal ... while some commentators saw Centocor as preventing inventors from claiming genus antibody claims that are ... - read more

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A survey of the claims of antibody-related patents granted by the European Patent Office and a review of the type and scope of product claims granted for antibodies. ... read more
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Monoclonal Antibody Patents: Evolving Law & Strategies. ... It is estimated that 45 percent of patents with antibody claims are not supported by examples of antibody ... ... read more
Centocor, the holder of Patent No. 7,070,775, which claims fully human antibodies to human necrosis factor α ("TNF-α"), sued Abbott for infringement by the ... ... read more
US and European approaches to antibody patents. Date ... in a CDR can significantly affect the function of an antibody. While claims defining variation in CDRs ... ... read more
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4.8 ANTIBODY PRODUCTS . ... Products with specific antibody claims are tested by the Section that handles the antigen for which the antibody is specific. ... read more
Sep 07, 2016 · The '923 patent is directed to a monoclonal antibody that binds a ... the District Court construed "monoclonal antibody," as used in the claims of the ... ... read more
Addressing The Many Challenges of Antibody Patent Prosecution October 19, 2007 ... SAMPLE CLAIMS CLAIM ANTIBODY BY BROAD STRUCTURE CDR3 – only 1. ... read more
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Freedom to Operate: The Monoclonal Maze. 2 ... antibody claims at USPTO. 12 Strategies for Clearing FTO Licensing ΠConsider whether taking license is desirable/possible ... read more
In a novel use of a health insurance claims database, scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have found evidence that some antibody-containing ... ... read more
Patenting Antibodies. ... In such claims, the antibody is being defined indirectly, that is, by reference to the antigen to which it binds. Care needs to be taken, ... ... read more
Antibody Patenting Issues – US and EP. Joint Educational Session. Biotechnology Committee and IP Practice in Europe Committee. 2012 Annual Meeting ... read more
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Antibody patent claims tighten A recent court decision in AbbVie Deutschland v. Janssen Biotech and Centocor Biologics will likely make functional claims for ... ... read more
AbbVie’s claims were to a "human antibody, or antigen-binding portion thereof that binds to human IL-12 and disassociates from human IL-12 with ... ... read more
Hot Issues in Patenting Antibodies 6th Annual Antibody Therapeutics Conference ... Functional Claims An isolated human antibody or antigen binding fragment thereof ... read more
Claims to Antibodies with Specific Properties Are Not Always Fully Described by Disclosing the Protein 10-1144 February 23, 2011 Decision ... read more
The validity of claims to classes of biologic and chemical compounds defined by their function, instead of structure, has been tested for decades under the written ... ... read more
It is common when prosecuting an US patent application with structurally defined antibody claims to receive a Notice of Allowance as the first office action issued ... ... read more
Applicants for antibody patents in the U.S. are finding it difficult to secure broad functional claims for antibodies and should be claiming structure, panelists at a ... ... read more
US and European approaches to antibody patents ... standard USPTO practice is to resist granting claims defining an antibody by the sequence of its V regions or ... ... read more