alfalfa hay for donkeys?

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Donkeys evolved in the desert eatting poor quality feeds. They physically cannot handle the excess protiens in Alfalfa hay or even in most grain base products. - read more

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Donkey Feeding Guidelines. ... Grass hay has the low protein levels (below 5%) required for donkeys. (Alfalfa hay, ... Feeding grass hay also maintains donkeys ... - read more

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For donkeys that maintain weight with ease, feeds from the Dengie Hi-Fi range are most appropriate for feeding your donkey and can even be used to extend or replace ... ... read more
Breeder of Registered Miniature Donkeys, Quality ... quality hay native to your region is preferred over alfalfa because alfalfa hay is too rich in ... ... read more
Here are some good tips to follow when feeding donkeys: DO NOT overfeed! ... We have horses and feed them strategy,alfalfa,& rice bran with Bermuda hay. ... read more
How to Care for a Donkey. Donkeys, with their sweet faces and gentle, intelligent natures, ... Alfalfa hay isn't good for donkeys because of too many nutrients. ... read more
Donkeys, like mules, need less protein and more fiber than horses. ... Alfalfa hay is excellent for horses that are picky eaters; ... read more
What Do Donkeys Eat? ... , alfalfa hay, and ... The overall diet of donkeys consists of low protein foods because food high in protein can cause them to ... ... read more
Jan 03, 2011 · Hi, Please don't feed Alfalfa - it is too rich for donkeys and probably for the Shetlands also. Can you find a coarse, mixed grass, low protein hay? ... read more
Care Of A Miniature Donkey. FEEDING. Any good quality grass hay, such as Bermuda, Timothy or Orchard would be good choices for miniature donkeys. ... read more
hay rake. Whatever it is you do with your mule, ... Therefore, we avoid feeding alfalfa to our donkeys since it is rich in energy and feed ... read more
need advice on Milo - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: I need quick advice. My current feeding for 2 donkeys and a 5 month old Welsh/Quarter weanling is: The foal gets a half ... ... read more
ADVICE FOR THE NEW MINIATURE DONKEY OWNER. ... Legume hay (rich in alfalfa or clover) is not recommended as the only hay for donkeys because of its high protein levels. ... read more
Atascadero Hay and Feed carries alfalfa, oat, forage, timothy, orchard and grass hay for all of your pet and livestock needs ... read more
Feeding donkeys A A Aganga, ... Feeds for donkeys. Donkeys should be fed hay or straws and legumes when available in the proportion of 4:1 straw to legume to appetite. ... read more
What to feed your donkeys? ... You should control the amount of grass and hay the donkeys eat each day to maintain ideal body ... timothy or alfalfa grasses and oat ... ... read more
Apr 21, 2009 · My Thoughts on Alfalfa ... Our own donkeys eat alfalfa everyday and they are still alive and ... one back tooth) along with senior feed, plus alfalfa hay. ... read more
Raising miniature donkeys. ... Alfalfa hay is too rich for miniature donkeys and they'll turn into little butterballs if they eat too much of it. ... read more
August 29, 2006 What do I feed my ... I don't feed alfalfa hay or alfalfa/grass mix hay. The alfalfa is too rich for the donkeys, and will cause a variety of health ... ... read more
What do you feed mini donkeys? We are preparing to bring home our new weanling mini donkey next ... He actually picked the coastal hay out and left the alfalfa! ... read more
Alfalfa hay can be the sole constituent of the roughage diets of lactating dairy cows or it can be mixed with maize silage at 1:1 ratio ... Horses and donkeys . ... read more
Boyd Farms offers premium 100% Alfalfa Hay professionally cut and baled to ensure the highest quality. The pure Alfalfa is perfect for Horses and Dairy Cows. ... read more
Feeding the Insulin Resistant Horse Tweet. By Dr ... donkeys and “easy keeper” horse breeds may have a ... Alfalfa hay and coastal Bermuda grass are usually ... ... read more
Hay and Pasture. Most donkeys will do well on a plain diet of timothy or grass hay, with access to clean water and a salt block. The American Donkey and Mule Society ... ... read more
Suggested Citation: "13 Donkeys and Other Equids." National Research Council. 2007. Nutrient Requirements of Horses: Sixth Revised Edition. Washington, DC: The ... ... read more
Donkey diet. Asked August 18, 2015, 7:45 PM EDT. can donkeys eat alfalfa? Ravalli County Montana livestock equine donkeys. 1 Response. Yes, donkeys can eat alfalfa hay. ... read more
Alfalfa hay, Bermuda hay, Cane Molasses, Phosphoric Acid (feed grade) ... Queen Valley Mule Ranch 1855 W Running Deer Queen Valley, AZ 85118 Phone: 602-999-6853 ... read more
HAY EXPORTS FROM WESTERN STATES HAVE INCREASED DRAMATICALLY. ... globalization is bringing alfalfa and hay crops increasingly ... where I have horses and donkeys. ... read more
Donkey Feeding: Donkeys can survive on good quality hay alone. A good hay to feed donkeys is a mixture of alfalfa and grass. ... read more
Alfalfa hay is one of the best hays fed to horses. Several characteristics of alfalfa make it an excellent hay for horses. It is highly palatable. ... read more